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The Privilege of Fair Treatment

By Milele

So we are clear (It is long *shrug*)

Colorless Privilege (you can quote me)  simply means colorless people are treated fairly, humanely, justly, given opportunities to have success with the LEAST amount of resistance or MOST amount of support and have a governmental structure they can turn to when they feel they are not being given basic human rights (in a nutshell).

In a humane society, EVERYONE would be treated in this manner, however, in colorless dominated societies (by number, resources, systems or force), that isn’t the case.  So being treated like a human becomes a “privilege” that most people do not experience on a constant basis.

People in a society of colorless people are considered second class citizens by birth; who are to be seen but not heard; provide service and not complain; accept the scraps and be grateful; allow the political majority to treat them anyway they want to without retaliation or protest; and assimilate in the system in a way that is comfortable to the majority- to be “acceptable.”

People born in this society of colorless people are also expected to be satisfied with making less money for the same positions; receiving poorer treatment while paying the same amount of money; being levied higher interest rates and lower credit scores for the same things; being given poorer medical treatment for overpriced services; being forced to attend crappy schools and live in collective squalor. ONLY a few ACCEPTABLE people are allowed (yes, allowed) to