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Racism is…

By S. Christopher Emerson

Racism is:

This past Friday evening, I go to a grocery store in a decidedly White part of town (waaaayyyy out in northwest county St. Louis *wink*), get my items and get in line behind a couple (Black man, White woman). As I take position in the checkout line, I see and speak to a sista waiting in a lane several checkout lines over, with the light on, but with NO employee behind the counter to check her items.

As I wait for the aforementioned couple to finish being checked out, I spy, out of the corner of my eye, an older White woman employee emerging from one of the aisles greeting two elder White individuals coming forth from another aisle. I overhear this employee giggle and oblige, “You wanna just step right on in here?” as she gestures to the empty checkout line next to the one I’m in and turns the light on. The elder white shoppers proceed.

I stand in amazement; in not so much shock as umbrage. The elderWhite male sees my obvious, yet muted reaction and asks “You wanna go ahead?”

“Nah, I’m good,” I shrug, knowing full well that I’m not at all “good.”

Not that I’m angry, but rather that I’ve promised myself that I would challenge issues when I deemed appropriate, and the employee’s professional and social infraction was indeed “an issue.”

Sista Several Lines Over is watching with the “WTF?” look on her face…

“Pardon me, Ma’am,” I motion to the elder White employee who is now just chuckling it up with her befriended shoppers with small-towny obliviousness. “I’m certain that the customers who were already in line would have appreciated if you had checked us out first, instead of checking customers who were not even in line yet.”

Nigerian Leaders Meet with Indian Ambassador Over Student Attacks

By Chuma Kisu

Nigerian Students Protest Attacks in India

According to international reports, Nigerian leaders summoned the Indian ambassador to Abuja on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 following violent mob attacks on Nigerian students in India.


Hundreds of residents of Greater Noida, a satellite city of New Delhi, went on a violent rampage on Monday, attacking Africans following the death of a teenage boy from a suspected drug overdose.


According to reports, police have arrested five men over the attacks.


Olushola Enikanolaiye, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said after meeting the Indian ambassador, Nagabushana Reddy, that India should ensure the immediate arrest and prosecution of

It’s Time Out for Being Nice to Racists- Those are THEIR Rules

By. S. Christopher Emerson

This week, journalist Charles Blow became the next social media sensation for clowning Kayleigh McEnany, the latest young conservative blonde Orange administration-supporting White girl with an opinion.

In the same breath, McEnany praised late-night CNN panel host Don Lemon for facilitating an open dialogue, she touched Blow’s arm in a show of falsified intimacy and suggested he and some of his colleagues had “sinister motives.” This was an obvious nod to President Toupee Fiasco’s claims that media challenging his lies is “fake news.”

“Don’t do that,” Blow told McEnany. “Don’t touch me and say that’s your ‘sinister motivations.’ That’s not going to happen tonight.”

McEnany coquettely told Blow that she didn’t realize that she couldn’t touch him and that maybe she should move her chair over.

“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge,” Blow replied. “What I’m telling you is don’t touch me and while you’re saying I’m

UM Diversity Task Force Completes Recommendations

By Free Radical

Mizzou protests last year have rendered administrative policy recommendations to make the university more inclusive.

Mizzou protests last year have rendered administrative policy recommendations to make the university more inclusive.

Last week, the University of Missouri System Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force offered its recommendations to make Missouri higher education more just and equitable.

The report comes in response to protests resulting in the resignation of system president Tim Wolfe and a subsequent audit of diversity in the various colleges in the Missouri school system.

The proposed policy changes were wide ranging and included reviewing student recruitment and retention, diversifying faculty and administration, and making the school’s curriculum more inclusive.

The task force consisted primarily of administrators of various campuses in the system.

Recognizing the need for improvement, the report read “The university can no longer simply measure its efforts with