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City of Ferguson Settles Michael Brown Wrongful Death Lawsuit for $1.5 Million

By MCNS Staff

UntitledLocal reports state that a federal judge approved the settlement in the suit filed by Brown’s parents against Ferguson and two of its former city employees.

The civil lawsuit levied by Brown’s family states that Wilson “unjustifiably shot and killed (Brown), using an unnecessary and unreasonable amount (of) force in violation of (Brown’s) constitutionally guaranteed right to life.”

The original lawsuit shows the Brown family was seeking punitive and compensatory damages amounting to over $75,000, in addition to attorney’s fees.

The fatal shooting of unarmed Black teen Michael Brown, Jr. by then Ferguson police officer Darren

NAACP President Suggested Covering Confederate Monument

MCNS Staff

Confederate WholeTensions surrounding “The Angel of the Spirit of the Confederacy” in Forest Park have ignited in concert with nationwide pressure for Confederate monuments to be removed.

According to local reports, Adolphus Pruitt sent a letter to Mayor Lyda Krewson asking the city to build a scaffolding that would cover the statue up, after witnessing a heavy police presence at the monument.

According to St. Louis Public Radio, Pruitt said people would be less likely to protest if the monument is out of sight. He said that would free up police to protect neighborhoods, which he considers is a better use of resources.

“The only reason they’re here is it is there and it is visible. The city has committed to removing it. So it is going to

Bill that Would Make Suing for Discrimination Harder Sent to Governor

MCNS Staff

Missouri House of Representatives

Missouri House of Representatives

House Republicans have sent a controversial bill that would make it harder to sue for housing and workplace discrimination to the governor to be signed. The bill has been staunchly opposed by civil rights groups and Democrats.

The proposal, introduced by Sen. Gary Romine, would require plaintiffs to explicitly prove discrimination based on race, gender or any other protected status actually motivated their boss or colleague to mistreat them to win an employment discrimination case. It had survived a heated Senate filibuster to move on to the House.

Previous legislation, in place for about a decade, only required plaintiffs to prove that discrimination was a “contributing factor” in their mistreatment for them to win the case.

The bill would also prevent workplace suits against fellow employees, instead forcing suits against only companies. It also would cap damages consistent with the size of the sued

Edward Crawford, Ferguson Protester and Subject of Iconic Photo, Found Dead

MCNS Staff

Edward Crawford in 2014 returning a gas bomb shot at protesters in ferguson

Edward Crawford in 2014 returning a gas bomb shot at protesters in ferguson

Edward Crawford, subject of an iconic photo taken during the Ferguson protests, has been found dead. Police have ruled the death a suicide, but an investigation is ongoing.

Crawford’s death was confirmed at 11:46 pm to news agencies by the St. Louis Office of the Medical Examiner. Investigator Rose Psara said Crawford was pronounced deceased shortly before midnight on Thursday at 1435 Salisbury Street in the Hyde Park neighborhood of St. Louis.

Crawford was pronounced dead on the scene. Police said an investigation is ongoing and, while initially declared a suicide, the official cause of death will be determined by an autopsy.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department told news media that Crawford shot himself in the backseat of a car while it was moving, according to two witnesses who were