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Some Folks Would LOVE to have Problems like Fyre Festival

By S. Christopher Emerson

If you’re paying any attention to the #FyreFestival debacle, just know… Those are First World problems of the spoiledest order…

I just got done (yep, that’s what I call it) with an almost 13-minute video on Complex showing a crew of paleface millennials, who could be the cast of “cool, mean kids” in ANY 80s preppy-versus-standout coming-of age comedy, giggling, moaning and convincingly-douchebagging their way through their five figure Fyre Festival vacation disaster.

This Top 40s middle- and upper-income 1K to +10K music festival bigly failed long before it was revealed upon Johnny ‘n the Socs’ arrival to THE FREAKIN’ BAHAMAS that their unfinished, un-opulent accommodations included a Costco tent city, no plumbing, and white bread sandwiches (which is HIGHlariously tongue-and-cheek to me) before being White privileged back to the US on a delayed flight they were offered like, OMG… after dark, and like, OMG I’m gonna