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Dear White People: Fooled Me Twice

By S. Christopher Emerson

I guess my primary disappointment is that the movie’s advertisement couched it as this “The Revolution WILL be Televised” kind of thing, and I rolled with the expectation of “School Daze” meets “A Different World.” But that was CLEARLY not AT ALL what they were trying to do. This was an interracial love story spun on the backdrop of a politically-charged post-Ferguson college campus.

At this point, I’ve read several criticisms that go deeply into various transgressions the series commits. Were just gonna sum them up this way: This is a comedic primer for the Black conscious agnostic or yet-to-be-woke; a 10-episode joke about Black activists at Black activists’ expense.

I was waiting on someone to come with that “We are not our ancestors” BS. Come to think of it, I think someone DID say it.

Dear White People contains several movement stereotypes:

“The Dedicated Organizer” (who was really so tired of it and just wanted to escape)

“The Loud-Mouthed Schmuck Radical” (who doesn’t know his head from his ass) and, of course, his mindless