Amber Guyger Indicted for Killing Black Accountant

By Malcolm Speaks

Botham Jean was killed in his own apartment by former Dallas area cop Amber Guyger. Guyger was indicted on November 30.

Botham Jean was killed in his own apartment by former Dallas area cop Amber Guyger. Guyger was indicted on November 30.

The grand jury of Dallas County indicted an off-duty white female police officer for shooting and killing a black man in his own apartment.

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was charged with manslaughter after shooting the 26-year-old accountant from St. Lucia, Botham Jean to death in September. However, the victim’s family is seeking murder charges for the death of their son.

A grand jury began the hearing for Jean’s case on Monday, Nov. 26 and announced its decision last Friday, Nov. 30.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson says her office talked to more than three hundred witnesses before presenting evidence to the grand jury.

“We were determined to present to this grand jury all of the facts, and to clarify for them the law so that they could make the decision that they thought was right and just on behalf of Botham Jean,” Attorney Johnson said.

Officer Guyger had reported that she “entered the building and walked down the fourth-floor hallway to what she thought was her apartment,” according to the arrest warrant.

Interestingly, a black backpack with police equipment and paperwork as well as a black ballistic vest with “police” markings were also found in Mr. Jean’s apartment under a search warrant. Therefore, questions exist regarding a prior relationship between the shooting victim and the police officer.

Mississippi is Rising, We are Rising

By S. Christopher Emerson

As I recover with all my sistas and brothas, blood and Tougaloo family in Mississippi from the #MikeEspy Senate loss yesterday to the racist honktress, I feel it necessary to remind us that though these are scary and exciting and highly-charged times, let us not BLAME folks who did not vote for this loss.

Rather, let’s be clear in laying FULL responsibility for the election of racist candidates and the activation of oppressive policies SQUARELY on the racist, elitist bastards who voted for them. And I’m talking about d’wights and ALL their negro lackeys and cinnamon wenches who somehow believe amerikkka was once great and that more white supremacy will somehow make it great “again.”

Let us also recognize that this campaign and movement is one of the greatest grassroots campaigns built in Mississippi history, and that should not only be commended, but studied and built upon. Our people worked their asses off down south to raise awareness and build political power in this battle, and that kazi will most assuredly help us win the war.

We continue to be reminded that in this environment, freedom is not immediate. We are also finding out that ultimately, for america to be good enough to DESERVE us, we must TOTALLY and completely change the intrinsically flawed, racist, oppressive and elitist systems that govern this country. Our society must be equitable and efficient and make life better for all.

Certainly we should challenge each other to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to eradicate racism and put oppression in check. But don’t let the racists get off. They deserve all that heat. So let’s take this lesson and get bigger, better, stronger and continue to chip away at this bs.


Another Ferguson Protester Dead

By S. Christopher Emerson

Bassem Masri

Bassem Masri

According to local reports, Bassem Masri, a Ferguson protester of Palestinian descent, died Tuesday morning after being found unresponsive on a bus in Bridgeton. The cause of death is yet to be officially determined, pending autopsy.

The St. Louis County Medical Examiner states that there appears to be nothing suspicious nor any trauma associated with Masri’s death.

The 31 year-old mainstay during the uprisings in Ferguson recently announced his intent to run for state representative.

Masri would often livestream demonstrations in the St. Louis metropolitan area to a national and international audience in the months long aftermath of the police killing of Michael Brown, Jr. by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. He is known, loved and mourned by many protesters throughout the area.

Despite the medical examiner report, some observers suspect foul play as Masri is the latest of several connected to demonstrations in Ferguson who have died suddenly, or due to mysterious and violent circumstances. Most recently, Danye Jones, son of protester Melissa McKinnies, was found by family members hanged by a bedsheet on a tree behind their home. Though officials labelled Jones’s death a suicide, McKinnies states that her son would not have killed himself.

Alabama Police Change Mall Shooting Story in Killing of Black Man

Emantic Bradford Jr.

Emantic Bradford Jr.

By Malcolm Speaks

Hoover, AL police report that a police officer shot and killed a 21-year-old Black man Thursday night. Police initially claimed that Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. shot at least one person at a mall near Birmingham, AL, but further investigation suggests otherwise.

Police now say Bradford, Jr. wasn’t the gunman and that the actual gunman is still at large.

The Hoover Police Department posted on Twitter that the man who was killed, “may have been involved in some aspect” of an altercation at the Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Ala., that preceded the shooting.

Reports also state that Bradford, Jr. “likely did not fire the rounds” that struck an 18-year-old man as they originally reported. Another victim was a 12-year-old girl who was an “innocent bystander,” according to police. Both victims were hospitalized and their conditions as of Saturday had not been released.

“We regret that our initial media release was not totally accurate, but new evidence indicates that it was not,” the police said. The conclusion was based on interviews with witnesses and “critical evidentiary items,” police added.

Initially, police reported that officers “encountered a suspect brandishing a pistol and shot him.” However, it is not clear whether the officers thought that Mr. Bradford either discharged or intended to discharge the firearm before they shot and killed him.

Mr. Bradford’s mother, April Pipkins, said in an interview on Saturday that Mr. Bradford was living with her near Birmingham where he was raised. She said that Mr. Bradford, who was better known as E.J., would not have been involved in the shooting, and might have been trying to protect other people in the mall.

“That was not his character at all,” she said. “He loved life, and he loved people.”

She also said that he was licensed to carry a firearm.

Anthony Thomas, Mr. Bradford’s uncle, said he wanted the police to release all the videos from the mall that day.

“He was an honorable young man who was assassinated,” Mr. Thomas said.