Michael Brown Sr. Calls for New Trial

Michael Brown Sr. looks to have his son's case retried.

Michael Brown Sr. looks to have his son’s case retried.

By Free Radical

On the fifth anniversary of the death of his son, Michael Brown Sr. publicly requested that a new investigation be conducted on the events surrounding his killing. He made the announcement at the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton, Missouri this past Friday.

Then St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCullough chose not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the 2014 death of Michael Brown.This decision had and continues to leaven an imprint on national politics. Locally, it resulted in the defeat of McCullough by Wesley Bell who campaigned on a progressive platform.

Brown Sr. hopes that Bell will reinvestigate Wilson and the events surrounding Michael Brown Jr.’s death in Ferguson in August 2019. The 2014 killing of Michael Brown, whose lifeless body remained in the street for hours, sparked outrage which made the St. Louis metro region ground zero for the Black Lives Matter movement. Michael Brown’s death was exacerbated by the investigation led by McCullough which many local and national observers considered a miscarriage of justice.

“Five years today, I lost my first born, my only son,” Brown said. “Although I have been forced to learn how to cope with his absence, I will never grasp the fact that my son will no longer be here and justice has not been served.”

After the local trial, Wilson was also cleared subsequently in a federal civil rights case.

In the aftermath, Brown Sr. created the Chosen for Change foundation to support fathers who have lost children to gun violence.

Several memorials were held locally and nationally to commemorate the life and legacy of Michael Brown on Friday, August 9, the five year anniversary of his death..

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