Are 10,000 Steps Needed for Longevity?

A new study shows that 10,000 steps may not be necessary for good health.

According to a new study, fewer than 10,000 steps are necessary for seniors to have optimal health.

By Free Radical

The prescribed goal of walking at 10,000 steps or more each day for the purpose of improved health started in large part with a marketing campaign that was launched in Japan decades ago in order to promote a pedometer. A pedometer is a device that counts how many steps someone takes. Since that time, it was adopted in the U.S. as a goal to promote good health.

However, according to recent research, a study of older women showed significant improvement by participants who logged just over 4,000 steps per day. Though greater health rewards were enjoyed by individuals who did more, the benefits maxed out at 7,500. For more on this study, click here.

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