Kamala Harris Unveils Education Policy

Kamala Harris has centered teacher compensation as crucial in her education policy.

Senator Kamala Harris has centered teacher pay as crucial in her education policy.

By Free Radical

Gearing for the height of the election season, Senator Kamala Harris released her education policy last week. The ambitious plan promises to raise teacher annual salaries on average by $13,500.

The proposal would create incentives for local school districts to receive federal funding. It would be paid for by strengthening the estate tax which was was lowered by the Trump administration. If elected, Harris would reverse the change and then close additional loopholes.

“You can judge a society by the way it treats its children,” Harris said at a campaign rally in Houston. “And one of the greatest expressions of love that a society can give its children is educating those children with the resources they need.”

Harris’s plan promises to specifically target communities of color by providing additional targeted investments to raise the salaries of teachers who work at schools that have large populations of students and faculties of color.

The proposal will also make specific allocations to HBCUs which are recommended to receive half the money earmarked for collegiate education programs that include teacher and administrator residencies, mentoring partnerships, and career ladder models.

Harris, an alum of Howard University in Washington D.C., recently cosponsored a bipartisan bill that would allocate money to HBCUs to preserve historic buildings on their campuses.

She has also championed raising the federal Pell Grant and enhancing the research capacity at HBCUs in such emerging fields as artificial intelligence.

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