School Collapses In Nigeria

Rescue efforts in school wreckage in Lagos, Nigeria.

Rescue efforts in school wreckage in Lagos, Nigeria.

By Chuma Kisu

According to international reports a three story school building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

Rescue units are frantically going through the rubble in hopes of finding survivors. The building collapsed while classes where in session. Numbers of children are thought to be inside.

Video news reports from the scene showed a dust-covered child being carried out of the rubble alive but hurt. This was to the cheers of onlookers. Other children were brought out limp and dangling with onlookers unsure of their state.

Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial capital. It has an estimated population of 20 million people.

According to reports, a number of witnesses jumped in to offer assistance. Some did so with hacksaws and mallets in hand. Some were barefoot. Others were shirtless. A crowd grew around the wreckage to give a hand in the recue.

Sani Datti, a spokesman with Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency, told reporters that officials from the agency and other emergency services were at the site.

“For now we don’t have any word on casualties as we are still busy with rescue work,” he said.

The collapse comes as President Muhammadu Buhari, newly elected to a second term, tries to improve groaning, inefficient infrastructure in Africa’s most populous nation.

“Nigeria’s infrastructure is generally less than half the size than in the average sub-Saharan Africa country and only a fraction of that in emerging market economies,” the International Monetary Fund has noted.

“The perceived quality of the infrastructure is low.”

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