Local Conservatives Push Radical Pro-Gun Bills

Two new bills threaten to make gun ownership mandatory in Missouri.

Missouri conservatives are pushing two bills that would make gun ownership mandatory for every adult in the state.

By Free Radical 

Despite reoccurring episodes of disastrous gun violence, a Missouri representative is seeking to dramatically expand the number of gun owners in the state. Andrew McDaniel, a Republican state rep from Deering, proposed two new bills that would not only advocate, but also require Missouri adults to own guns.

The McDaniel Militia Act would mandate that “Every residents of this state shall own at least one AR-15.” The bill would compel all adults from age 18 to 35 to have the assault rifle . It would create a tax credit up to $1 million each year to subsidize these purchases by up to 75 percent.

Yet this is curious as there are many more than one million adults between the age of 18 and 35, even when accounting for individuals with felony convictions who are disqualified from gun ownership. Moreover, there has been little word of penalties for people who would not comply with the law.

Very few provisions have been fleshed out for McDaniel’s companion bill, the McDaniel Second Amendment Act. It would require every qualified adult aged 21 or older to own “a pistol, revolver, or other firearm designed to be held in one hand that is capable of firing .22 caliber ammunition or larger.”

Nonetheless, according to local sources, neither bill has been assigned to a committee or scheduled for a vote.

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