MO Gets Rush of Weed Applications

By Free Radical

Missouri has been flooded by potential new companies to take part in the marijuana industry.

Missouri has been flooded by companies eager to take part in the marijuana industry.

Following the passage of Amendment 2 in November, Missouri will begin accepting licenses for marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing in August. Nonetheless, the state has already received a tidal wave of applications from companies eager to take part in the industry.

According to local sources, more than 400 applications have been submitted. Altogether, more than $3 million have been paid in application fees.

Amendment 2 allowed the state to select at minimum 24 dispensary licenses for each of Missouri’s eight Congressional districts.

However, there are far more applications than there are available slots. Missouri’s first Congressional District, which encompasses St. Louis City and County already has 36 applications. The state’s 5th Congressional District, which includes Kansas City, has 58.

Missouri charges a nonrefundable fee of $6,000 for manufacturing and dispensing licenses. Cultivation licenses cost $10,000.

In all, 61 cultivation licenses, 87 manufacturing licenses, and 192 dispensing licenses will be issued.

As many early marijuana advocates predicted, the application revenue would be enough to jumpstart the program which had no funding resolution attached to Amendment 2. The money will be used to pay for staff and other administrative costs.

Nonetheless, despite the large numbers of applications, the total amount will likely continue to grow as August draws near. However, health officials claim that early application submissions will not receive preferential consideration.

Some observers believe that wealth rather than timing will be the primary determinant for success in Missouri’s marijuana industry. According to, “Small business owners in Missouri who hope to acquire a license and start growing/dispensing medical marijuana will most likely be in fierce competition with people who are well-funded and who have backing from individuals with experience opening dispensaries and starting grow operations in other states.”

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