Egyptian President Becomes Head of the African Union

By Chuma Kisu

Egyptian President Addresses African Union after becoming  Chair.

Egyptian President Addresses African Union after becoming Chair.

According to international reports, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el- Sisi became the chair of the African Union (AU)) following a meeting by heads of state from the continent in Ethiopia’s capital on Sunday, February 10, 2019.

The post rotates annually between the five regions of the continent.

The Egyptian leader is expected to focus on the fight against armed groups on the continent and rebuilding efforts of countries recovering from conflict.

“Terrorism remains a cancer that affects African nations and steals the dreams of our people and we must identify and combat those who fund terrorism activities on the continent,” Sisi said in a speech to the AU assembly shortly after his appointment.

Sisi stated that he will prioritize mediation and “preventive diplomacy” as one of the key mechanisms for promoting peace and security on the continent.

The new African Union chairman said that “counter- terrorism requires the identification of those who support and finance it and combating them collectively. While we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of the struggle, this remains the only appropriate way to uproot terrorism and eradicate it.”

Sisi takes the helm from Rwandan President Paul Kagame who focused on creating an African wide free-trade zone during his tenure.

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