Daughter of Stockley Victim to Get 500K Increase

By MCNS Staff

Protests that occurred after Jason Stockley's trial claimed malfeasance. A new discovery legitimates their position.

Protests that occurred after Jason Stockley’s trial claimed malfeasance. A new discovery legitimates their stance.

According to local reports, the daughter of a man who was shot by former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley in 2011 will be paid an additional $500,000 to resolve claims that lawyers for city and state officials concealed evidence. This brings the total settlement in the case of the death of Anthony Smith resulting from a police chase to $1.4 million.

Both sides filed a motion to approve the settlement on Thursday. The motion details that even though the settlement was agreed to on Oct. 16, “hashing out the details” took weeks.

Local reports also state that officials also have agreed to release the full version of a report that found “clear discovery violations” when evidence was not turned over to the lawyers for Anthony Lamar Smith’s daughter.

Stockley was acquitted of murder charges stemming from his 2011 fatal shooting of Anthony Smith after having pleaded not guilty. The acquittal was followed by demonstrations protesting police brutality and calling for law enforcement reforms which ended in dozens of arrests and injuries, including the police beating of an undercover officer posing as a protester.

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