Mississippi is Rising, We are Rising

By S. Christopher Emerson

As I recover with all my sistas and brothas, blood and Tougaloo family in Mississippi from the #MikeEspy Senate loss yesterday to the racist honktress, I feel it necessary to remind us that though these are scary and exciting and highly-charged times, let us not BLAME folks who did not vote for this loss.

Rather, let’s be clear in laying FULL responsibility for the election of racist candidates and the activation of oppressive policies SQUARELY on the racist, elitist bastards who voted for them. And I’m talking about d’wights and ALL their negro lackeys and cinnamon wenches who somehow believe amerikkka was once great and that more white supremacy will somehow make it great “again.”

Let us also recognize that this campaign and movement is one of the greatest grassroots campaigns built in Mississippi history, and that should not only be commended, but studied and built upon. Our people worked their asses off down south to raise awareness and build political power in this battle, and that kazi will most assuredly help us win the war.

We continue to be reminded that in this environment, freedom is not immediate. We are also finding out that ultimately, for america to be good enough to DESERVE us, we must TOTALLY and completely change the intrinsically flawed, racist, oppressive and elitist systems that govern this country. Our society must be equitable and efficient and make life better for all.

Certainly we should challenge each other to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to eradicate racism and put oppression in check. But don’t let the racists get off. They deserve all that heat. So let’s take this lesson and get bigger, better, stronger and continue to chip away at this bs.


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