Cleveland Area Teacher Killed by Husband, Prominent Local Official

Aisha Fraser Mason shown here inside of the chocolate store she also owned.

Aisha Fraser Mason shown here inside of the chocolate store she also owned.

By Free Radical

In a tragic miscarriage of justice, Cleveland area judge Lance Mason is being held in connection with the murder of his estranged wife Aisha Fraser Mason on November 17. Aisha Fraser Mason taught sixth grade at Shaker Heights’ Woodbury Elementary School. She was reported to be much loved and in response to her death, all Shaker Heights district buildings were closed on November 19 and 20. Grief counseling was also made available.

Aisha Fraser Mason was killed in Lance Mason’s driveway due to multiple stab wounds. Shortly after, Lance Mason’s sister called 911 and stated “He stabbed her and he said she’s dead.” The couple’s two daughters were heard in the background of the recording crying.

As Shaker Heights police surrounded the home, Lance Mason reportedly attempted to flee in his vehicle only to be stopped by local authorities. He rammed into a police cruiser and injured a cop who was standing outside of the vehicle.

Lance Mason was charged with felonious assault in connection with the crash. Local authorities will likely arrest him for Aisha Fraser Mason’s murder but have waited to gather more information on the incident.

Lance Mason was a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio State Senate, and a Cuyahoga County Court Judge. In August 2014, when leaving from a funeral, he reportedly punched Aisha Fraser Mason twenty times and repeatedly slammed her head against the car dashboard, arm rest, and window.

He served nine months in connection to this assault. Afterwards he was appointed as director of minority business development director under Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson. Jackson quickly fired Mason after Aisha Fraser Mason’s stabbing death.

The case reached national attention as Ohio US Congresswoman Marcia Fudge wrote a highly sympathetic letter in Lance Mason’s defense when he was charged with the beating of his wife in 2014. Shortly after Aisha Fraser Mason’s death, Fudge ended her bid to challenge California US. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for the Speaker of the House seat.

Two days after Aisha Fraser Mason’s death, Juan Lopez killed his estranged fiancée Tamara O’Neill, two others, and himself at Chicago’s Mercy hospital. As both Aisha Fraser Mason and Tamara O’Neill are both Black women it highlights the dangers of domestic violence and toxic masculinity.

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