Journalist Shaun King to Relaunch North Star

By Free Radical

With the blessing of Frederick Douglass's family, Shaun King will relaunch the North Star.

With the blessing of Frederick Douglass’s family, Shaun King will relaunch the North Star.

On Thursday, noted journalist and intellectual Shaun King announced that he would relaunch the North Star newspaper which was originally founded by radical abolitionistsFrederick Douglass and Martin Delany.

On Instagram, King revealed that his version of the North Star will include “a news app, a full news website, a collection of podcasts, & an online nightly news broadcast.” He will partner with friend and fellow journalist Ben Dixon.

King also reported that he received the blessing of Douglass’s family.

King and Dixon first asked that 100,000 people join their launch at which has been accomplished. They then are looking for 25,000 individuals to join their public membership drive.

Shaun King is a Morehouse graduate and a regular columnist for The Intercept, New York Daily News, and Daily Kos.

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