Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice Withdraws Application for New Post

By Free Radical

Tamir Rice was gunned down by Cleveland police in 2014.

Tamir Rice was gunned down by Cleveland police in 2014.


Timothy Loehmann, the former Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12 year-old Tamir Rice in 2014, has withdrawn his application from the Bellaire, Ohio police department. According to Cleveland Fox 8, Loehmann’s decision was prompted by outside pressure.

Bellaire Police Chief Dick Flanagan confirmed to Ohio television news affiliate WTRF that Loehmann withdrew his application.

The Times Leader in Ohio reported Friday that Flanagan had hired Loehmann part-time as a Bellaire police officer. In explanation, the chief stated that Loehmann was never charged in Tamir Rice’s death and deserves a second chance.

A press conference was held Wednesday featuring Cleveland area Black Lives Matter activists and Tamir’s mother, Samaria Rice, to announce that Loehmann was no longer with the Bellaire force.

“As of this afternoon, Timothy Loehmann has withdrawn his application in Bellaire,” Rice’s mother Samaria Rice said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon. “Hopefully, he will not be hired as a police officer by any other state.”

Bellaire is a municipality of about 4,000 residents located more than 150 miles south of Cleveland.

In 2014, Loehmann and fellow officer Frank Garmback sped in their patrol car to a gazebo in the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland where Tamir Rice had been playing with a toy gun. In less than two seconds, Loehmann shot his gun twice, resulting in the death of the 12 year-old. Afterwards, the officers did not give the adolescent any medical attention but instead accosted his older sister who came to his aid. A grand jury declined to indict Loehmann or Garmback in Rice’s death.

Critics question whether a proper review of Loehmann’s work record was completed prior to his hire by the Cleveland force. If one was done, it may have had come to the department’s attention that he was previously deemed “unfit for duty” and that he resigned from a previous post due to a “dangerous loss of composure” during firearms training.

This fact along with Tamir Rice’s death urges observers to question why Bellaire would hire someone with Loehmann’s history. Some have pointed out the fact that Bellaire and Wheeling, West Virginia which borders it are collectively 93 percent White.

Nonetheless, a media communication blitz by the Tamir Rice Foundation and other concerned individuals likely applied enough pressure to force Loehmann’s resignation.

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