Close the Workhouse Publishes Report-Calls to Shut it Down

The infamous St. Louis "Workhouse" on Hall Street.

The infamous St. Louis “Workhouse” on Hall Street.

By MCNS Staff

For years critics of the notorious St. Louis jail, commonly known as “The Workhouse,” have complained about its deplorable conditions. Detainees can be confined for months or over a year while awaiting trial for even minor and nonviolent offenses.

Advocates campaigning for the closing of the medium security jail on Hall Street point to squalid health conditions like black mold on the walls, rats, and triple-digit temperatures in the summer. They suggest that the prolonged detainment of inmates is a glaring example of the mass incarceration of Black people in the US.

According to a local story in the St. Louis American, the​ Close the Workhouse campaign calls for the immediate closure of the Workhouse, a reduced incarcerated population in St. Louis, and an overall reform to public safety. It provides statistics, along with several first-hand accounts of people who have served time in the Workhouse. It also makes direct calls to action to the mayor, the circuit attorney, and the Board of Aldermen.

According to its website, the Workhouse was built in 1966, is two-stories high, and has the capacity to hold 1138 inmates.

For more on the Close the Workhouse campaign, click here.

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