Weed Can Get You HIgh, But Can it Get You Allies?

By Free Radicalindex

Chances are, wherever they live, our children perhaps, but more than likely their children’s children will be able to smoke weed legally. Now I’m not advocating the practice. It can both positively and negatively impact your health.

That’s between you, your doctor, and your Creator.

Nonetheless, I do support its decriminalization. If anything, it is no more harmful than the gallons of coffee, tons of cigarettes, and volumes of unhealthy prescription drugs we take without fear of penalty. Weed, on the other hand, has been used to lock up generations of Black and Brown people at shamefully disproportionate rates when compared to Whites.

So I welcome the movement to make weed legal. Blow on brothers and sisters.

Yet at the same time I am weary. As an elder has told me, whenever you put the word “industry” behind anything it is subject to be ravaged by the ills of capitalism. In America, capitalism is often mixed with white supremacy to make a bitches brew that tastes like Black disadvantage.

This came in sharp focus this past week in the heartbreaking case of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who barged in the home of Botham Jean before killing him. Guyger allegedly believed that it was her apartment though mounds of evidence has materialized that she had to either be stupid or perhaps high out of her mind to reach such a conclusion.

Speaking of such, in the investigation (if that’s what we want to call it), Dallas police executed a search warrant of Jean’s home that uncovered marijuana. Accusations that this is just part of a smear campaign were bolstered by the fact that news of the discovery occurred during Jean’s funeral when family and friends spoke volumes about his good character. Similarly, no warrant of for Guyger’s home had been revealed. Neither have details of her toxicology report.

This seems like a perfect case for the ostensibly liberal marijuana legalization community to rally behind. According to the USA Today, the industry generates more than $8 billion in annual revenues and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians. Just this past May, the Guardian reported that 200 industry leaders descended upon Washington to lobby political insiders.

Yet White pro-weed businessmen, lobbyists, and politicians have been deafeningly silent on Jean’s death. This is even more ironic when considering that the industry often cites the disproportionate rates of incarceration as a justification for to legalize the drug. Yet when presented with such a compelling case as Botham Jean, they have failed to put their money where their mouth his. I guess that’s reserved for blunts.

In any case, this presents another case of the precarious nature of White allyship, particularly when it is tied to large capital. Ultimately, whether fighting for justice for Botham Jean or an equitable post-legalization world, we are likely all we got. Other possibilities just may be smokescreens.

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