Arkansas Cop Fired After Telling Black Men They “Don’t Belong in My City”

Disgraced England, Arkansas cop Michael Moore was fired after video of him harassing two Black men surfaced.

Disgraced England, Arkansas cop Michael Moore was fired after video of him harassing two Black men surfaced.

By Free Radical

An England, Arkansas police officer was fired on Wednesday after a video went viral of him telling two Black men that they were not welcome in the city.

The fracas stemmed from an incident on July 21 when Demarcus Bunch, a native of England, Arkansas, and his cousin Shannon Scribner noticed they were being watched by a cop as they attempted to shoot a music video. Even after the men left their location and moved to their final shooting site, the police officer, later identified, as Michael Moore, followed them.

Sensing trouble, Bunch and Scribner approached Moore’s vehicle to ensure that there was no misunderstanding regarding their activities. The two men explained that they had an uncle who worked as an England, Arkansas police officer. Yet Moore escalated the situation by telling them that “you don’t belong in my city” and brandishing his k-9 out of his police cruiser, before finally leaving the scene.

Incensed by the incident, Bunch and Scribner filed a formal complaint to England, Arkansas police chief Danna Powell who never responded to the two men.

This prompted them to release the video on Facebook on Tuesday August 7. The inflammatory clip quickly garnered more than fifty thousand views. The next day, Powell mysteriously issued a press release stating that Moore had been terminated.

National sources also uncovered that Moore had been previously terminated as a Lonoke County, Arkansas police officer for having a bad “personality issue,” according to Sheriff John Staley.

This permissive transfer system where a discredited cop can easily find employment with another department has been raised in the wake of the killing of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown. Disgraced police officer Darren Wilson had once been a member of the Jennings, Missouri police department which was found to be so steeped in brutality and corruption that it was forced to disband. Wilson found a new police home on the Ferguson, Missouri force which was in large part just as nefarious as Jennings, as multiple reports and studies have found. The systemic injustice and disregard for Black life in the Ferguson Police Department provided the backdrop for the murder of Michael Brown and the subsequent unrest in St. Louis four years ago.

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