Black St. Louis Area Ousts Racist Prosecutor and Reject Union Bust

By S. Christopher Emerson

Good People (locally, nationally and internationally): I just wanted to let you know that all of your work, outrage and advocacy for progressive social change has resulted in a win tonight!

Bob McCulloch, the incumbent STL County Prosecutor in his 27th year of office who declined to indict Darren Wilson (the cop who murdered Mike Brown in Ferguson in 2015) and subsequently reignited the Ferguson Uprising HAS BEEN VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. Enjoy these hashtags and spread it around in your heart aches for Mike Brown and screams for justice- #RingtheBell #ByeBob

The victor? A 43 year old Black prosecutor named Wesley Bell, who has his issues, but stands to do a whole hell of a lot more for Black folx and other people of color and disenfranchised folx than the stunned outgoing prosecutor.



Over 90% of precincts reporting (KPLR Channel 11)

Just relish in the notion that, all over west and south STL county, racists are crying real salty mayonnaise tears.

And while we’re at it, let’s all acknowledge that Black folx came out to vote and delivered that win for unions last night, defeating Prop A.

So we’re gonna need unions to remember this and start welcoming in Black folx, especially for apprenticeships and leadership positions, instead them good ole’ boy politics history shows us that y’all play.

Right-to-Work got beat last night BECAUSE of Black folx, particularly in St. Louis and Kansas City. You’re welcome.

So tonight… Black folx were motivated on issues AND candidates and came out to vote in big numbers. Our votes made a difference. Our focused outrage, justified anger and protest have literally changed the political landscape. And we all had a hand in shifting the balance.

And now, accountability, the work and the struggle continue.

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