Toddler Awarded $2.5 Million for Police Holding Gun to Her Chest

By Malcolm Speaksindex

Chicago’s City Council approved a $2.5 million settlement in an excessive-force lawsuit last Wednesday that accused the city’s police of traumatizing a 3-year-old girl by pointing a gun at her chest and striking her handcuffed mother in her presence, according to national sources.

Attorney Al Hofeld Jr, who is representing Aretha Simmons, the toddler’s mother, stated that the newest Chicago Police Department reforms, that haven’t yet been enacted, do not address the manner in which officers treat children during arrests. He stated that “it is not even on CPD’s radar.”

These reforms are in response to a 2017 Justice Department report that cited the frequent use of excessive force by Chicago police, even against children.

When the council’s finance committee approved the settlement earlier, a city lawyer even agreed with a number of the lawsuit claims. The attorney also advised the council that the toddler is traumatized and it is more than likely that she will require psychiatric treatment even into adulthood.

The Chicago Police Department is also in the news for awarding Jacques Rivera more than $17 million for his wrongful conviction for a 1988 murder.  Mr. Rivera spent 21 years in prison and sued Chicago police detective Reynaldo Guevara as well as the City of Chicago for framing him. The city already has already been on the hook for $20 million to settle other wrongful conviction lawsuits involving Detective Guevara.

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