Woman Caught in Governor Scandal Speaks Out

The victim of Eric Greitens' sexual assault has finally broker her silence.

The alleged victim of Eric Greitens’ sexual assault has finally broken her silence.

MCNS Staff

The woman with whom Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens had an affair has given a public statement for the first time.

Still unidentified publicly, the woman referred in court documents as “K.S.” and sometimes “Witness 1” says she’s in the “middle of the most difficult, crazy fight that I didn’t ask to be a part of,” according to NBC News affiliate KSDK.

The woman went on the defend herself. “I didn’t want this. I wasn’t out to get anyone. I really was just trying to live my life,” she said.

Greitens has admitted the affair, but continues to deny allegations of sexual violence and coercion to keep her silent about the affair.

For more on the woman’s public defense, click here:

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