Nearly Half of All Americans Can’t Make Ends Meet

By Free Radical

A new study shows that 43% of Americans cannot make basic ends meet.

A new study shows that 43% of Americans cannot make basic ends meet.

Almost half of all families in America are not able to pay for basic necessities, according to a new study by the United Way Alice Project.

Nearly 43% of households cannot afford housing, food, child care, health care, transportation, and a cell phone. Though 16.1 million homes belonging to this group are impoverished, the vast majority, 34.7 million, are employed yet are considered “asset strained.”

The report was done at the county level to determine what an average household would need to make in each locale. The report’s authors say that they took this approach because they believe the federal poverty rate of $25,100 does not accurately portray the true costs incurred by most American households.

The United Way Alice Project hopes that their configurations are used more regularly than the federal poverty rate when policymakers consider which programs to help the poor. The report’s authors assert that far too many  initiatives are not ambitious enough and often neglect families that are not technically impoverished, yet are in dire financial straits.

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