Policeman Instructs Recruit to Shoot Black Teens for Marijuana

Disgraced former Kentucky police officer Todd Shaw.

Disgraced former Kentucky police officer Todd Shaw.

By Malcolm Speaks
A former Kentucky assistant police chief told a Louisville Metro Police recruit that, if he catches juveniles smoking marijuana, he should “shoot them” if they are Black, according to documents released this past Friday.

Todd Shaw, who resigned from the Prospect, Kentucky department late last year, sent several “highly disturbing racist and threatening Facebook messages” to the recruit. This comes from Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell who wrote a letter to Prospect Mayor John Evans on August 31. O’Connell told Evans that prosecutors found the Facebook messages while screening a case for possible criminal prosecution against Shaw, according to WDRB.

In one of the Facebook messages, the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) recruit asked Shaw what to do in a scenario where he catches three juveniles smoking marijuana.

The question was part of a paper the recruit was writing about “the right thing to do,” according to O’Connell’s letter.
“F— the right thing,” Shaw responded in the Facebook message. “If black shoot them.”

And as for what to tell the parents of the juveniles, Shaw said: “… call their (pa)rents … if mom is hot then f— her … if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—,” according to O’Connell’s letter.
Shaw continued, “Unless daddy is black. … Then shoot him.”

Shaw retired from the LMPD as a sergeant in 2009 and was investigated for providing illegal assistance to Kenneth Betts, one of two officers charged with committing sexual abuse of teens while he was a part of the Louisville department’s Explorer mentoring program.
In yet another Facebook message, Shaw told the recruit that housing projects needed to be leveled.

“For years I have seen the blacks live off uss (sic) and putting them in one big housing area breeds HUGE peoblems (sic)” Shaw wrote. “We don’t see a Muslim problem around here we just see lazy ass people that don’t want to work and that entices more Mexicans to cross the border and take the American jobs … .”

Lastly, in a message about Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Shaw said King was “nothing but a raciast (sic) womanizer … but because someone shot him, I get a day off with pay each year so I will take it.”

Shaw fought to keep the messages private after media outlets requested them under Kentucky’s open records law. However, a Kentucky Circuit Court Judge ruled this past week that the records must be released.

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