America Saves Whiteness Again

By S. Christopher Emerson

In today’s episode of “Whiteness Saves Again,” we’re following the story of a White former Connecticut university student who is accused of smearing body fluids on her Black roommate’s belongings. In an appearance in Hartford Superior Court, prosecutors opted not to file additional charges Monday against 18-year-old Brianna Brochu, of Harwinton, who pleaded not guilty.

White racism has yet again escaped federal hate crime charges. Honestly, do they even use those?

So the little racist bragged on Instagram about committing several hygienically disgusting acts against her Black roommate and her stuff.

Now, I’m sure my initial thoughts were like many other Black folks: “How did this White girl escape this whole ordeal without getting her ass handed to her by her Black roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe?”

Oh and of course, “Boooooyyy… I WISH somebody WOULD!”

But I digress…

One of the major inadequacies with hate crime legislation and racial equity policies is the notion that malicious racist INTENT must be proven. Outcomes have been far easier to track for decades- Blacks are disproportionately incarcerated, impoverished, under serviced in health care, malnourished, under-educated, and restricted from housing and homeownership, etc.- but still there haven’t been any significant restorative justice changes to American institutions.

In this case, one of the failures is seeing the racist intent that Brochu had toward her Black roommate, who she called a “Jamaican Barbie,” no doubt in a derogatory way. The trip though, is that these same courts (I’ll refrain from the descriptor of “justice”) system often makes assumptions and projects malicious intent on people of color, while absolving Whites from criminal desire. Such is the very real phenomenon of “White privilege.”

And while, at this point, we can’t prove that Brochu had the intent of harming Chennel Rowe because she’s Black, we can reasonably surmise that the White girl was being a racist, on top of being childish.

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