Republicans Force Tax Travesty : 1% Okie-Doke in Motion

By S. Christopher Emerson

We are witnessing conservatives manufacture a savings narrative out of a tax plan that almost every financial analyst says will increase the national deficit, increase tax benefits for the rich while raising the tax burden for lower wage earners over the next decade, and take money out of most people’s pockets over the next decade.

Not to mention… Most polls suggest that Americans don’t want this tax plan because to exorbitantly benefits the rich, who already have the means to create jobs and raises, but refuse to.

Now I know I’m not the only one who remembers 2 years ago that Republicans bitched and moaned that ObamaCare was ramming health care down people’s throats. But of course, NOOOOWWWW them forcing top-heavy tax cuts onto taxpayers that will, no doubt, de-fund social programs, is characterized as “tax reform.”

Meanwhile, beware of the use of B.S. myths like “The Black Welfare Mother,” American Exceptionalism, and “The White Bootstrap Fallacy,” each of which support this clear and present racial and socioeconomic discrimination passed in Congress. These are hallmark narratives of white American privilege and fragility.

Don’t fall for it. Black folx have always had to work twice as hard to get half as much, fight against individual racist sensibilities and a racist amerikkkan infrastructure filled with redundant institutions. But we can still win. Damn right we can.


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