Viceland’s White Weed Privilege

By S. Christopher Emerson

Watching Viceland Weed series videos on social media from time to time gives me a chance see what wonderful possibilities are coming out of the legalized weed market in the US. But mostly and moreover, I troll all of the uber-happy, stoooooked wypipo who revel in their bubbles at yet another personal freedom. I guarantee you this makes my teeth whiter.

I do this from time to time ‘cuz Viceland just tells all these sunny azz stories about wypipo who are taking full advantage of legalized weed in some states and making sooooo much money off of cannabis creativity. And wypipo being wypipo just eat these “civil liberties” shenanigans up.

And, without failure, EVERY TIME, some snowflakes show up kickin’ some “Dude, this is Cali. Weed is legal here. Why some nigger always gotta throw race into EVERYTHING?” (The irony… I know).

Answer: Black people make everything about racial and social equity. Wypipo make everything about race discrimination and oppression. There’s a WHOLE system set up for it, which you can’t perceive because you’re so busy reaping the benefits.

White folks thought (many still do) Blacks intentionally kept themselves economically unstable and therefore unable to take advantage of the “American” Dream. Come to find out, extensive data exist proving that White folks lock Blacks out of opportunity after opportunity, from housing and home ownership, to law, to employment, and now, also, to legalized weed.

Meanwhile, I don’t know ANY Black people who have consistently profited from and simultaneously avoided ‘dem laws while publicly consorting with The Stickiest of the Icky Icky.

These clear folks be cookin’ with weed, having public weed brownie cook offs, preparing weed salads, weed garnishes, weed tea and smoothies and all manner of privileged greenery… And I’m like, “It’s lovely that y’all get to enjoy weed now that jails are still being built for brothas like me. And while White boys out west are building trust funds for their grandkids off drug money, there are 20 year-old Black college girls and boys who are STILL in jail ONLY for nonviolent petty weed offenses, when cops and courts could have EASILY let them go.”

In short, Black folks get demonized en masse for any participation in cannabis, whether it be medical or recreational, while White folks, particularly, White boys, are seen as a new crop of millennial entrepreneurs embarking on the frontier of state-by-state legalized weed law and commerce. And they say they don’t know what privilege is.

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