Mizzou Cuts Costs Again

By Free Radical

Protests in 2015 at Mizzou continue to cause reforms at the college.

Protests in 2015 at Mizzou continue to cause reforms at the college.

In response to a dramatic dip in enrollment, the University of Missouri-Columbia campus has reduced its room and board costs.

The plan was announced last week by Gerry Ward, the school’s chief operating officer. In a statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ward expressed “This year is an investment year to gain back trust in that this university is the University for Missouri.”

One-third of Mizzou’s housing options will drop from about 2.2 to 5%. Dining plans are set to decline by at least $300.

Mizzou was embroiled in controversy as a series of racist incidents in 2015 sparked intense student demonstrations which caused the ouster of system president Tom Wolfe. This resulted in a precipitous 6.2% decline in student enrollment at the campus. The fallout and enrollment reductions from all university campuses is said to be about $60 million in revenue cuts and a loss in 474 jobs according to the kansascitystar.com.

Ward stated that these cuts allowed Mizzou to make the aforementioned changes to its room and board costs. Mizzou had also previously said in August that it would provide full tuition and fees for Missouri residents who are eligible for Pell grants starting in Fall 2018.

The school has also hired Kevin McDonald, its vice Chancellor of Diversity and developed a $1 million faculty diversity initiative.


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