Trump Adds Chad to List of Banned Countries

By Chuma Kisuindex

The West African nation of Chad has been listed in a new list of countries whose citizens are prohibited from entering the United States by president Donald Trump.

In a White House Press release issued Sunday, Libya and Somalia remained on the banned list. The other nations now affected by the ban are Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The release stated that although Chad’s government is “an important and valuable counterterrorism partner of the United States”, it does not share enough information to enable the U.S. to judge whether its citizens pose a threat to public safety.

“Additionally,” the release goes on to say, “several terrorist groups are active within Chad or in the surrounding region, including elements of Boko Haram, ISIS-West Africa, and al-Qa’eda in the Islamic Maghreb.”

According to reports, though the release did not directly mention Sudan, White House administration officials said that Sudan’s “cooperation on national security and information-sharing showed it was appropriate to remove it from the list.”

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