The Privilege of Fair Treatment

By Milele

So we are clear (It is long *shrug*)

Colorless Privilege (you can quote me)  simply means colorless people are treated fairly, humanely, justly, given opportunities to have success with the LEAST amount of resistance or MOST amount of support and have a governmental structure they can turn to when they feel they are not being given basic human rights (in a nutshell).

In a humane society, EVERYONE would be treated in this manner, however, in colorless dominated societies (by number, resources, systems or force), that isn’t the case.  So being treated like a human becomes a “privilege” that most people do not experience on a constant basis.

People in a society of colorless people are considered second class citizens by birth; who are to be seen but not heard; provide service and not complain; accept the scraps and be grateful; allow the political majority to treat them anyway they want to without retaliation or protest; and assimilate in the system in a way that is comfortable to the majority- to be “acceptable.”

People born in this society of colorless people are also expected to be satisfied with making less money for the same positions; receiving poorer treatment while paying the same amount of money; being levied higher interest rates and lower credit scores for the same things; being given poorer medical treatment for overpriced services; being forced to attend crappy schools and live in collective squalor. ONLY a few ACCEPTABLE people are allowed (yes, allowed) to excel, but they must not get cocky or uppity or challenge the state of things; they must accept their fortune while constantly remaining in an unspoken inferior state while separating themselves from the “lowly.”

Colorless people are not in a disadvantaged position. They are not oppressed, so they don’t understand these truths; ESPECIALLY if they don’t want to.

Most colorless people don’t care because they don’t have to. Systemized maltreatment doesn’t hit them viscerally so all they can see is their bubble of existence. The same goes for men, hetero-, wealthy people, and socially attractive people.

The “privilege” of fair treatment allows them to feel comfortable, thinking that those who are harmed by the system, or “fail,” deserve it.  The myths of “Black on Black crime” or “welfare moms” or “super thugs/predators” or “ghetto, too ethnic, angry, hostile” becomes their security blanket as they watch people of color get abused by the society they work for and seek to be a part of. Those people are gunned down in the street; raped in jail cells; ostracized in business; given poor grades, detained, and suspended in schools; and subjected to treatment that colorless people would never accept en masse.  The horror movie that is the daily life of people of color, in particular, Black people, is a cringeworthy piece of twisted entertainment that they can turn off anytime.

Colorless people can rest thinking “they get what they deserve” as opposed to lying awake realizing they are the monsters in the movie.

FYI: All oppressed people are fighting the same monster and it can take on any form. ALSO, proximity (whether it be color, resources, assimilation or circumstance) to colorlessness or privilege does impact the experience so all people must be aware of their place in this oppression train… just in case you were wondering or wanted to be the “good monster” who actually helped the victims.

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