Justice Deferred for Philando Castile- Shock? Hell Naw.

By Steppin’ Razor

On Friday, June 16, 2017, our collective expectations were unfortunately met with the not guilty verdict for the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Philando Castile, a Black man, during a traffic stop last year. Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of second degree manslaughter and two counts of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety.


The shooting garnered worldwide attention after cell phone video footage of its aftermath filmed and uploaded onto social media by Castile’s then-girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. In the video, she frantically describes what is happening while showing a confused and fading Castile bleeding in the passenger seat. Yanez can be heard yelling hysterically in the background.

Yes, justice has been, once again, deferred for Black people who have the misfortune of encountering police in this society. As if we needed reminding, the system(s) continue to fail Black folks.

And while every disingenuous rebuttal, from “all lives matter” to “blue lives matter,” to every wack deflection, like, “Well, Black people kill each other,”  is being hurled at the mourners of justice, police, particularly, White police, continue to operate with naked racist bias behind blue walls and court steps.

As a reminder, law enforcement and “police” groups were, literally created to enforce slave codes and forcefully control Black and other populations of color. They are no different today; that’s why they have the full protection of the Euroamerican status quo. White folks see police as protectors of their communities, when, in fact, they protect White superiority and dominance in White dominated societies.

Meanwhile, Black folks see cops as we have always seen them- as invaders, bullies and tools of oppression. And oppression is violence. Protecting oppression is violence. Legislating oppression is violence. Economizing oppression is violence. Starving people is violence. Denying means for health and wellness is oppression. Educating and inculcating oppression is violence. All of these micro- and macro- acts of violence are committed against Black people, other people of color and the poor all day, every day, 24 hours a day.

But y’all got a problem when we protest… C’mon Son!

Oppression built this America; it’s what America is made of. So congratulations proud Americans- You’re made of oppression.

The state sanctioned brutality continues because the society we live in (not “our” society) continues to allow it. It maintains this society and helps it grow off of our backs. So we must make it uncomfortable for this society to allow it.

This will require external and internal engagement. That means voting for candidates who share REAL progressive, inclusive, equalizing and just interests, while building our own institutions that support our Black culture that (White) America has not yet matured to appreciate. Maybe bankrupting Amerikkka with the absence of Black labor and involvement will send a wake up call to covert and overt White supremacists- “Without us, you’ll never reach your fullest, highest potential.”

May Philando Castile and his family, and all of our families affected by police excessive force fueled by racism have peace and justice, in this lifetime.

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