Study Reveals That Omega-3s Protect Against Alzheimer’s

By MCNS Staff

Foods like salmon, nuts, avocados,

Foods like salmon, walnuts, avocados, and oils from certain fishes can help protect against Alzheimer’s. 

A study reveals that Omega-3 fatty acids prevent Alzheimer’s disease by boosting blood flow.

Researchers found that Omega-3s, found in chia seeds, flax seeds, linseed, hemp seeds, walnuts and certain fish oils, increase blood in brain regions that control memory and learning. People who eat a diet that is high in omega-3s are also better at acquiring and understanding new information, the study adds.

Lead study author Professor Daniel Amen, of Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa, California, said: ‘This is very important research because it shows a correlation between lower omega-3 fatty acid levels and reduced brain blood flow to regions important for learning, memory, depression and dementia.’

Scientists obtained brain scans from 166 people in a psychiatric referral clinic. The scans determine brain activity by measuring blood flow. The participants were then categorized into two groups, based upon their omega-3 consumption. 128 regions of the study participants’ brains were scanned while they performed various computer tasks that measured their mental skills. The researchers also measured the participants’ omega-3 blood levels and evaluated their mental and emotional health using standard tests.

The results were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and it also found that people with high omega-3 levels are also better at acquiring and understanding knowledge.

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