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21 Year Old Vegan Serves Low-Income Brooklyn Community

By MCNS Staff

Francesca "Sol" Chaney in front of Sol Sips.

Francesca “Sol” Chaney in front of Sol Sips.

In so-called inner-city communities, particularly in those that are lower income, access to healthy food options is very limited. Largely, what we see in our communities around the country are food deserts. Even in communities that aren’t low-income, it is oftentimes easier and much cheaper to find a fast food hamburger, especially when a healthy smoothie costs $10.

Twenty-one-year-old Francesca “Sol” Chaney, a black woman, was clear was clear about this inequality and felt that it was altogether unfair. Therefore, she created Sol Sips in Brooklyn which provides nutrient dense beverages and foods. Whole meals are offered on a sliding scale that can run from $7-15 which include a beverage (and that’s New York prices).

She has plans of expanding her business and has begun seeking outside capital through Gofundme. For more on Chaney and Sol Sips, click here.

The Cost of the Rising Demand for Superfoods

The Cost of the Rising Demand for Superfoodsindex

Demands for foods such as avocados and blueberries have increased significantly in the past few years.

However, some suggest that demands for these superfoods have global impact and question if food producers can continue to satisfy them. They also wonder if the current market is sustainable and how we should preserve them. For more on the growth and future of superfoods, click here.

California Court Ends State Pesticide Spraying

attachmentBy MCNS Staff

A judge ordered the California Department of Food and Agriculture to cease using chemical pesticides in its statewide program until the agency complies with state environmental laws.

The injunction was issued just over a week ago and is a sweeping victory for 11 public-health, conservation, citizen and food-safety groups as well as the city of Berkeley. The coalition sued the state after unsuccessfully attempting for years to persuade the agency to shift to a sustainable approach to pest control that protects human health and the environment. For more on this environmentalist victory, click here.

Cellphone Radiation Linked to Tumors in Rats

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Male rats that were exposed to very high levels of the kind of radiation emitted by cellphones developed tumors in the tissues around their hearts, says a draft report by U.S. government researchers on the potential health risks of the devices earlier this month. The findings add to years of research meant to help settle the debate over whether cellphone radiation is harmful. However, some attest that the data cannot be extrapolated to humans. For more on the study, click here.