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Soda Consumption In the US Plunges to a 31-Year Low

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Soda consumption in the United States fell to a 31-year low in 2016, according to Beverage-Digest. That decline can mainly be attributed to waning demand among health-conscious consumers.

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How Running Helps You Lose Weight


By MCNS Staff

Running is one of the best types of exercise to help you lose weight and it is linked to many health benefits. With appropriate diet, attitude, and equipment, running can serve in advancing and maintaining healthy lifestyles for decades.

There are many different styles of running, each with their own unique purpose and benefits.

According to, these are the most popular types:

Base runs: What most people would call a “normal” run. They are short-to-moderate length runs around 6 miles (10 km) and done at your natural pace.

Long runs: Longer versions of base runs done at the same pace but over a greater distance of around 10–12 miles (15–20 km). They help improve your overall fitness and endurance.

Interval runs: Short, intense runs repeated several times with short breaks in between. For example, 5 x 0.5 mile runs with 1/4 mile (400 meters) light jogging between each interval. These runs train your running power and speed.

Hill repeats: Similar to interval runs but done uphill. For example, 10 x 1-minute hill repeats. They train your running power and speed while improving stamina.

Recovery runs: Slow runs done after harder runs like hill repeats to add extra distance to your overall run. For example, a 4-minute run at a comfortable pace after a harder run.

Progression runs: These mimic competition-style runs by starting slow and finishing at a faster pace. They build endurance, speed and reduce fatigue. For example, 5 miles (8 km) at a natural pace, then 1 mile (1.5 km) at a fast pace.



Eating Fried Potatoes Significantly Increases the Risk of Earlier Death

By MCNS Staff

friedpotato5People who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week double their risk of an early death compared to those who avoid them altogether, as determined by a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Eating potatoes that have not been fried was not linked to a similar early mortality risk, the researchers noted.

“Fried potatoes consumption is increasing worldwide,” warned Dr. Nicola Veronese, lead author of the study and a scientist at the National Research Council in Padova, Italy.

Veronese and the other researchers tracked 4,440 people aged 45 to 79 over a period of eight years to

Study Reveals That Omega-3s Protect Against Alzheimer’s

By MCNS Staff

Foods like salmon, nuts, avocados,

Foods like salmon, walnuts, avocados, and oils from certain fishes can help protect against Alzheimer’s. 

A study reveals that Omega-3 fatty acids prevent Alzheimer’s disease by boosting blood flow.

Researchers found that Omega-3s, found in chia seeds, flax seeds, linseed, hemp seeds, walnuts and certain fish oils, increase blood in brain regions that control memory and learning. People who eat a diet that is high in omega-3s are also better at acquiring and understanding new information, the study adds.

Lead study author Professor Daniel Amen, of Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa, California, said: ‘This is very important research because it shows a correlation between lower omega-3 fatty acid levels and reduced brain blood flow to regions important for learning, memory, depression and dementia.’

Scientists obtained brain scans from