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Justice Deferred for Philando Castile- Shock? Hell Naw.

By Steppin’ Razor

On Friday, June 16, 2017, our collective expectations were unfortunately met with the not guilty verdict for the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Philando Castile, a Black man, during a traffic stop last year. Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of second degree manslaughter and two counts of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety.


The shooting garnered worldwide attention after cell phone video footage of its aftermath filmed and uploaded onto social media by Castile’s then-girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. In the video, she frantically describes what is happening while showing a confused and fading Castile bleeding in the passenger seat. Yanez can be heard yelling hysterically in the background.

Yes, justice has been, once again, deferred for Black people who have the misfortune of encountering police in this society. As if we needed reminding, the system(s) continue to fail

Conscious Traveler’s Guide- Part 2

By S. Christopher Emerson

And of course, my most recent trip to Jamaica, which was INCREDIBLE, by the way would inspire a bit more conscious advice… No need in squandering the experience just on myself.

In travelling with others, and in the midst of resort guests, you can get lots of material (that I’ll send out over several installments).

But it always troubles me to travel to other places, particularly outside of the US, and see Black folks mistreating local Black and Brown folks, or rather, assuming the “Ugly American” stereotype. You know… arrogant, loud, eternally dissatisfied, and operating with the unrealistic expectation that America will be waiting on them hand and foot on their vacation.

So I’ve compiled just a few bullet points to help Black folks get the most out of their overseas experience.

  1. Keep in mind that WHEREVER you are, some White colonizers PROBABLY got there before you and commodified the land’s natural resources and turned people’s homes into a tourist attraction.
  2. To answer your question: Yes, the local people are talking about you in their language assuming that you can’t understand them, especially if they’re working and you’re on some arrogant, touristy BS. You do the same thing when you’re at home and you see somebody who ain’t from around there.
  3. It’s a different country, yo. It’s not gonna be like Memphis in May. People do things differently in different places. That’s what makes travelling so awesome; you get to experience different cultures. Soak it in and enjoy it; it ain’t gonna kill you. But be careful with your foods. Lol.
  4. Remember, the people working to make your stay great are probably disenfranchised more than you. So be kind.

Dear White People: Fooled Me Twice

By S. Christopher Emerson

I guess my primary disappointment is that the movie’s advertisement couched it as this “The Revolution WILL be Televised” kind of thing, and I rolled with the expectation of “School Daze” meets “A Different World.” But that was CLEARLY not AT ALL what they were trying to do. This was an interracial love story spun on the backdrop of a politically-charged post-Ferguson college campus.

At this point, I’ve read several criticisms that go deeply into various transgressions the series commits. Were just gonna sum them up this way: This is a comedic primer for the Black conscious agnostic or yet-to-be-woke; a 10-episode joke about Black activists at Black activists’ expense.

I was waiting on someone to come with that “We are not our ancestors” BS. Come to think of it, I think someone DID say it.

Dear White People contains several movement stereotypes:

“The Dedicated Organizer” (who was really so tired of it and just wanted to escape)

“The Loud-Mouthed Schmuck Radical” (who doesn’t know his head from his ass) and, of course, his mindless

Some Folks Would LOVE to have Problems like Fyre Festival

By S. Christopher Emerson

If you’re paying any attention to the #FyreFestival debacle, just know… Those are First World problems of the spoiledest order…

I just got done (yep, that’s what I call it) with an almost 13-minute video on Complex showing a crew of paleface millennials, who could be the cast of “cool, mean kids” in ANY 80s preppy-versus-standout coming-of age comedy, giggling, moaning and convincingly-douchebagging their way through their five figure Fyre Festival vacation disaster.

This Top 40s middle- and upper-income 1K to +10K music festival bigly failed long before it was revealed upon Johnny ‘n the Socs’ arrival to THE FREAKIN’ BAHAMAS that their unfinished, un-opulent accommodations included a Costco tent city, no plumbing, and white bread sandwiches (which is HIGHlariously tongue-and-cheek to me) before being White privileged back to the US on a delayed flight they were offered like, OMG… after dark, and like, OMG I’m gonna