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Niger is Trump’s Benghazi

By Steppin’ Razor

Trump’s whole Niger situation is turning out to be a fiasco of, well…, Trumpish proportions. His display of sympathetic ineptitude during a chance to provide comfort to a grieving army widow was just the bursting cork on this chintzy Muhrican champagne of national concern that is now overflowing with no flutes to catch the crap. Not being one to let a delicious opportunity like this spoil… let’s just take this moment to flesh out the finer details of this kerfuffle.

*US forces participate in military operations in Niger, NOW suggesting that troops are there supporting local forces in removing Islamic extremist groups like Boko Haram from the area. The problem is that the closest major extremist presence is about 1000 miles (1400 km) away. So just like almost every other US presence on the international stage, this is yet another theatre of American imperialism being played out as a mission to quell religious violence In. A. Sovereign. Nation.

*While gathering information from a local resident (read: while a townsperson stalled the US military, amounting to “The Oldest Trick in the Book…”), military forces, including US Army Green Berets, sustained fire from a yet undisclosed opposition. But then again, what else would dominated peoples do under foreign occupation?

*The incident, no doubt in an effort to soften the impact and reduce embarrassment, was couched as an “ambush” in which three US military personnel were killed. But to add to the national shame of botching an operation in a place where they’re not supposed to be, now state department officials, per Defense Secretary Rex Tillerson, are rolling back “ambush” characterizations of the incident.  Only now they are suggesting that the military “engaged” opposition. The Killed in Action (KIA) number was incorrect and later changed to four, among whom was US Army Green Beret Sgt. La David Johnson.

*Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, was contacted and informed that her husband was Missing in Action (MIA). Two days later, she was contacted and simply told that her husband was not MIA but KIA.

*En route to receive the remains of her fallen husband, President Squirrel Top calls Mrs. Johnson to express condolences, and in a characteristic show of empathetic bankruptcy, tells the widow that her husband “knew what he was signing up for but it hurts anyways.” We know these sordid details because the call was put on speakerphone, and family friend Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson (D-FL) overheard the Commander-in-Charlatan’s attempt (or maybe not) at expressing appreciation and regret.

*Rep. Wilson exposes the president as the poor excuse for an executive via Twitter. The news sends shockwaves through the nation, providing more evidence (we really have no need for more, but, all the better…) of just how much of an insensitive a**hole President Cheeto Hitler really is.

*In characteristic Trumpish fashion, President Baby Hands avoids responsibility for… EVERYTHING, and calls Congresswoman Wilson a “liar,” which is, as we’ve learned by now, another one of his lies. The impact of the Niger fiasco still lingers.

*An attempt by White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly in fanning the flames of dipshittery follows the current administration’s line of epic wypipoing failure by shirking responsibility, doubling down on accusations against Rep. Wilson, and then adding new accusations to divert attention from the madcap executive. Gen. Kelly, in his comments, accuses Rep. Wilson of taking credit for getting the money for a new FBI center that she wasn’t even in office when the building funds were secured.

* Oh yeah… Then, Rep. Wilson, with the help of mainstream media, both tired of Cheeto shenanigans, post receipts in the form of video of her dedication speech, confirming that Kelly is, in fact, the only big, fat liar here. Except for his carrot colored boss.

*Congresswoman Wilson, supported by Congresswoman Maxine Waters and everybody else who has common sense, raises up the obvious notion that Niger has become, of all of his disasters occurring within the FIRST year of his presidency, Orange Julius’s Benghazi. This is a failure par excellence that we’re going to blow up and never allow you to forget. Chump, predictably, continues tweeting and lying.

The Cheeto administration is swirling farther and farther down the toilet bowl of presidential ineptitude brought on by racists voting against their own interest. America deserves him. Until the bulk of America (read: white America) can undo their self-interest and fear of losing their white privilege and help to create a society where no one is left behind, you’ll keep getting leaders like this. And you’ll continue to feel like we’re trying to replace you.
Because we are.

Respect #MeToo

By S. Christopher Emerson

Brothas/Black Men: There is an action on social media happening right now where people who have experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual assault are posting “Me Too” as a status.

We should accept this opportunity to make ourselves aware of just how many of our people, and in particular, Black women, have experienced these aggressions on their humanity, and educate ourselves on how we can be supportive.

My other challenge to Black men is very simple… Do not rape, assault or sexualize women (or men or trans folk, for that matter).

Look at the sheer numbers of folks who have been sexually assaulted. Now square that number. Only then will we just BEGIN to get a shred of an idea of just how many people are harmed and how many lives are affected by our lack of control or refusal to embrace the humanity of others, especially, AGAIN, Black women.

Have you raped? Have you assaulted someone? Have you sexualized and objectified women? This is a time to see just how pervasive this problem is, to see how much harm is being done, and to take responsibility for curbing this foulness. But it takes action. This isn’t a blame-a-thon, and it definitely ain’t a “blaming the hell out of Black men” provocation.

This is a challenge to the great and mighty sons of great and mighty Black mothers and fathers and men to embrace the value and humanity of our great and mighty sisters, the Black women we say we hold so dear. Because they and we deserve this greatness.

Respect Me Too.

FBI “Black Identity Extremist” Characterization is False

By S. Christopher Emerson

A leaked report hit news sites last weekend revealing that the FBI has been spending its time and resources generating a stigma around Black anti-racism and human rights work, erroneously labelling it “Black Identity Extremism.” While its comes as no surprise that the foremost domestic defenders of American white supremacy would find new, or rather, regurgitated, ways of making Blackness illegal, the contradictions in this false characterization are glaring and absurd.

We have been bombarded on news and social media with examples of white nationalist violence of the highest order. These incidents are predictably marked by the reactionary “thoughts being with all those affected by these tragedies” and the knee-jerk conversation about gun violence the sinister NRA lobbies that rub and, sometimes, twist, lawmakers’ ahem… arms. The fallacy of intraracial crime, specifically, crime in Black communities in major cities, often comes up as talking heads on conservative faux news organs continue to blame Black folks for EVERYTHING except prosperity. But for real… we see this deflection from the broader issue of acculturated of American violence, or as Parliament Funkadelic eloquently put it, “America Eat(ing) its Young.” But it looks like the FBI is buying the hype lock, stock and barrel.

Let’s all take this moment to revile Dylann Roof, who murdered nine innocent Black members of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC after prayer service on the evening of June 17, 2015. While many Black folks remark how he escaped his manhunt unscathed, and was even bought Burger King by his arresting officers, we imagine him rotting in a jail somewhere, longing to drape himself in the confederate flag from one of the few disturbing images that surfaced from his Facebook page. And let’s not forget that of the thousands of armed, tiki torch brandishing, khaki and crew cut rocking white nationalists that descended upon the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (what’s with wypipo and the name Charlotte?) one weekend in August 2017 to oppose the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. The one death that occurred was that of a counter protester, inflicted by a neo-Nazi enthusiast who drove his car into hundreds of Black Lives Matter demonstrators just off campus that Saturday.

…but the FBI is worried about Black folks fighting oppression- naturally.

To add insult to injury, a Black man, DeAndre Harris, who was attacked by white nationalists in a parking garage during the Charlottesville riot, has been issued a felony charge of unlawful wounding. Cell phone video of the incident shows several white guys attack  Harris, causing a spinal injury and a head laceration that required 10 stitches. Reports say a self-proclaimed “southern nationalist” accused Harris of hurting him during the fray. Wypipo wypipoing to wypipo authorities so wypipo can use the law to wypipo.

Charges against the pummeled Harris come not even 48 hours after white nationalists, led by self proclaimed Alt-Right spokesman and punching face Richard Spencer returned to UVA for a follow up “Unite the Right” rally this past weekend. No racists were arrested or harmed in the exercise of race rioting, though…

White cultural and political leaders have been building the Black Boogeyman for generations from The Heart of Darkness, to Birth of a Nation, to King Kong to the Kerner Commission Report to Faux News’s constant South Side of Chicago funeral dirge. The most recent iteration of Black villianization is *ominous music* “The Ferguson Effect” (if you listen closely, you can hear middle aged white women screaming in terror in rural locales across the country). Coined by former St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson, officials in all levels of bureaucracy have scapegoated the protests following the police murder of Michael Brown, Jr. in Ferguson, MO to undermine the swell of awareness and work against racism and toward progressive social change. This conveniently ignores the causes of citizen anger including, but not limited to, racism, police brutality, lack of access to resources, injustice in courts systems, government and police officials are engaging in trickle down victim blaming. But this is a basic strategy of oppressors- pee on your head, tell you it’s raining, then call you a criminal for wiping yourself clean and fighting back when the smell of urine hits your nostrils.

This leaked FBI mischaracterization of Black freedom fighters as “Black identity extremists” is another falsehood; a bastard child of white supremacist theory and fear. This is the same fear that generated the rise in NRA membership in response to Civil Rights and Black Power efforts and gave rise to groups like the Black Panther Party and the Deacons for Defense. “Black Identity extremists” labelling is no less than racist status quo isolation of the folks that have the courage to fight back against systems that subjugate people of color, and ignore the behemoth of racism and the root causes of protest.

Racism, Racist Police and the Flag that Represents Them- Ain’t No Love

By Steppin’ Razor

Currently, we’re several weeks, or about a year, depending on how you’re counting, into the kneeling protests during the singing of the US national anthem. And now that we got everybody kneeling in a co-opting attempt at showing unity against President Cheeto Dangerfield, let’s bring the attention back to what this protest is all about:

  1. Ending racism and oppression
  2. Dismantling institutions built and functioning with racism and oppression
  3. Creating institutions that treat ALL people equitably
  4. Ending police brutality, which is affected by institutional racism, and specifically yields a preponderance of racist police murders of Black folks

This is just in case any of us were glamoured by our favorite football players and the racist owners of their teams FINALLY attending to the issue, even if they are trying to slant the national conversation.

Racists have tried to straw man the protests to demonstrations against the flag and the military. And while, some of us frankly might be ok with that, given the military’s history of violently spreading American ideals across the planet, that ain’t the focus here.

But if you wanna play that, cool…

Since “the flag” represents the racism, white supremacy, land theft, manifest destiny, genocide, slavery, capitalism, specific sexualization and other abuses of Black women, commodification of people of color and their cultures, hypocrisy of fighting the tyranny of White settlers while enslaving stolen Black folks, the hypocrisy of fighting for White euro freedom while forcefully occupying Native land, segregation, violent racial intimidation, night riders, Black codes, voter suppression, sexism, social abuse, classism, LGBTQIA suppression, support of apartheid and euro and Zionist occupations, police brutality, and the denial that any of this exists that has made this country what it is today… Yeah, ain’t no love for that flag.

When “the flag” starts representing the fullest human potential, dignity and equity of all citizens, guests, allies, friends and families, then it will deserve our full respect.