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A May Day Reminder about the Fight for 15

By S. Christopher Emerson

Those who are fighting for $15/hour generally consider that wage a concession toward a “living wage.”  The argument is not just an economic issue, but moreover, a social/human issue, as in “I’m a human being and I deserve to be able to reasonably care for myself and my family while working a job.”

But in our current economic conditions, it generally takes more than $15/hour to make a living, as is shown on this map based on 2016 data from the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC):

One of the arguments in the Fight for 15 is that the standard of living has gone up exponentially compared to lower and middle class wages. But upper class salaries have increased in better parity with the standard of living, which indicates wage/economic INEQUITY and oppression against lower and middle class wage earners.

Another argument within Fight for 15 is actually a counter argument. Some detractors suggest that minimum wage workers (1) don’t work hard, or as hard as higher wage earners, and (2) that lower wage jobs are unskilled and therefore deserving of the meager wages they get. But there are DEFINITELY skills involved in most lower wage work and studies have shown that low wage earners work as hard, if not harder, than many middle and upper wage earners.

Racism is…

By S. Christopher Emerson

Racism is:

This past Friday evening, I go to a grocery store in a decidedly White part of town (waaaayyyy out in northwest county St. Louis *wink*), get my items and get in line behind a couple (Black man, White woman). As I take position in the checkout line, I see and speak to a sista waiting in a lane several checkout lines over, with the light on, but with NO employee behind the counter to check her items.

As I wait for the aforementioned couple to finish being checked out, I spy, out of the corner of my eye, an older White woman employee emerging from one of the aisles greeting two elder White individuals coming forth from another aisle. I overhear this employee giggle and oblige, “You wanna just step right on in here?” as she gestures to the empty checkout line next to the one I’m in and turns the light on. The elder white shoppers proceed.

I stand in amazement; in not so much shock as umbrage. The elderWhite male sees my obvious, yet muted reaction and asks “You wanna go ahead?”

“Nah, I’m good,” I shrug, knowing full well that I’m not at all “good.”

Not that I’m angry, but rather that I’ve promised myself that I would challenge issues when I deemed appropriate, and the employee’s professional and social infraction was indeed “an issue.”

Sista Several Lines Over is watching with the “WTF?” look on her face…

“Pardon me, Ma’am,” I motion to the elder White employee who is now just chuckling it up with her befriended shoppers with small-towny obliviousness. “I’m certain that the customers who were already in line would have appreciated if you had checked us out first, instead of checking customers who were not even in line yet.”

Sellouts: Look at You Now

By S. Christopher Emerson

Just in case we didn’t know before… Selling out doesn’t pay off in the end.

How do we know? Look around…

Sports analyst “Sunken Place” Sage Steele, who has drawn Black Twitter ire recently for her less than progressive stances in racially controversial comments, some of which were about Colin Kaepernick, even went so far as to state that the most racism she had ever experienced was from Black people…. Just before ESPN demoted her.

Former FOX news commentator-come-ultraconservative-apologist Stacey Dash was traded in the racial draft last year after a good several-months run on the racist media haven. Dash also caused controversy when she said there shouldn’t be a Black History Month because there isn’t a White history month. Even though Dash NEVER sided with Black folks, which, you would think would please FOX execs to high Hades, her contract was not renewed in January of this year. Just look at her now…

Endorsements for April 2017 St. Louis General Election Measures

MCNS Editorial Staff

*Proposition A- Amendment to the City Charter (Proposed by Initiative Petition)

Ballot Language: A proposed ordinance submitting to the registered voters of the City of St. Louis an amendment to Article XV of the City Charter repealing Sections 4 and 5 and enacting in lieu thereof four new sections, Sections 4, 4a, 4b and 5, the purpose of which is to abolish the Office of Recorder of Deeds and consolidate the functions of that office with that of the Assessor, and place any realized cost savings in a special fund known as “the police body-worn camera fund” dedicated to the purchase and use of police body-worn cameras by the city Metropolitan Police Department subject to appropriation from the fund by the Board of Aldermen for the express purpose of the fund (the full text of which is available at all polling places).


Summary: A “yes” vote on Prop A would consolidate the Recorder of Deeds and Assessor’s offices to save money, the savings of which would fund police SLPD body cameras.

Decision: NO on Prop A

  1. A lot of Black people are employed in those offices, and “consolidating” the two would cause some of the employees in those offices who tend to be Black folks, to lose jobs.
  2. The savings from consolidating the offices, at most, would only equal around $1M. But body cameras, for all SLMPD officers, to begin, would cost at least $3M (and that doesn’t include maintenance). The devil is in the details.
  3. Slay and cronies support this measure to oust Sharon Q. Carpenter, with whom he has animosities.
  4. This is an initiative put forth by ultraconservative strategist Rex Sinquefield to reduce county offices and ease the way for a city-county merger.