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The Use of Tiki Torches Tells You About the White Nationalist Cowards at UVA

S. Christopher Emerson

If you agree with US president Cheeto Hitler and believe there are two equal sides of the Charlottesville race riot, you’re as obscenely wrong about everything as he is.

When a couple hundred Ken Doll Garbage Pail Kids descended upon the campus of the University of Virginia at Charlottesville Friday night devoid of the creativity that would have led them to do more than charge 200 tiki torches on dad’s Home Depot card and whine about some europocalypse, we knew what in the history-repeating-itself-hell was going on.

Without devoting too much time to a phenomenon Black folks have literally been dealing with since the end of slavery (and before, of course), Charlottesville is just the latest terrorist incident perpetrated by whites backlashing Black and Brown social advancements. In this case, white nationalists including klan members, Nazis (ain’t nothin’ “neo” about ‘em), and confederate losers shouted out in the dark “You will not replace us.”

No need. You’re fading out without our help.

Add the UVA race riot to the list that includes the East St. Louis Race Riot, the bombing of Black Wall Street, the massacre in Rosewood, FL, culminations of a boiling white backlash that once simmered in police killings of unarmed Black folks, including children and the other lynchings of Blacks committed by probably the White guys standing next to our grandparents in the town square. Counter protesters still squared off on those cowards though.

And yes, there were white women present to taking phone video of the Aryan snivelfest, just like they showed up for Toupee Fiasco in his election as Bullshitter-in-Chief.

And to add insult to insult, White enemy combatants, outfitted with helmets, blunted weapons, makeshift shields, and firearms, attacked counter protesters before their 12 noon response the next day. The attack led to several injuries, and one death after one of the cowards drove a car through a group there to oppose the white nationalists.

So no, this ain’t two equals sides meeting on level footing, arguing the finer points of racial and ethnic difference. Nah Son. This is a group of savages, guilty and emboldened by their white privilege, flailing about because they think their opinions are valid or important, and a group of folks who wouldn’t allow them to crack their mouths without a challenge.

Incidentally, THIS is why we protest, and boycott, namely the NFL… Because it’s important to build and issue power beyond what is comfortable and convenient, since we wanna be free.

You Tolerate Hate Speech When You Think the Haters Ain’t Talking to You

By Steppin’ Razor

  1. “…shout out to all the ‘trannies (which is a derogatory term for transgender people)’ out there…” This epithet was used more than once.
  2. “This might sound messed up but I don’t care… she dyin’…”
  3. “There should be some kind of repercussions for that (a transgender person having sex with someone without telling that person they are transgender)… until then, Ima have my own repercussions.”
  4. “…I said that if one did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, Ima be so mad I’m probably gonna want to kill them…”

These are all things that comedian Lil Duval said during an interview on “The Breakfast Club” radio show of a hypothetical posed to him by DJ Envy. The scenario contemplated if he dated and had sex with a transgender person before she revealed to him that she was transgender. Deliberation time: 0.00.

He said that raggedy mess with his mouth, and not just his mind, in a world full of human beings.

Now according to the video of the interview, there were times where hosts Angela Yee, Charlemagne tha God and DJ Envy tried to reel in his advocacy of real violence as a result of a hypothetical. But Lil Duval didn’t take the hint.

But they didn’t go far enough to defend the humanity of transgender persons, especially Janet Mock, a transgender activist, author and advocate who was a guest on the show the week prior, who they used as a prop to generate that conversation.

For the record, transgender human beings are much more than just sex. Our assumptions and misgivings may seem real to us, but they are not based in reality. Hate to break it to us, but those hypothetical random sexual encounters supposedly perpetrated by transgender persons are far more a product of the willfully ignorant American collective imagination than they are anecdotes of actual occurrences. They don’t at all define this group, many of whom are Black and Brown, that too many people believe are salaciously attempting to force themselves on fourth tier comedians, fragile men in various stages of hygiene crisis, and school age children.

And yes, many transgender persons are Black and Brown, particularly those who are consistently victims of abuse and violence.

In the real world, you can’t just go around saying you “would” or “would like to” or “probably would” do harm to people and not expect some kind of reaction.

If you had a sister, and someone used a national medium to publicly threaten harm against your sister, how would you feel? What would you do? It doesn’t matter why she was threatened. But you wouldn’t like that, her friends wouldn’t like it, and people that identify with her wouldn’t like it. Well, it goes without saying you’re not the only one who feels this way.

And if I heard someone say on national radio, “Mane, I’d probably wanna kill (enter your name) sister…” I’d have a REAL problem with that too.

A friend condensed it for me. Many people are tolerant of hate speech because it isn’t directed toward them. They allow it, and declare it’s not a big deal, because “they’re not talking to me.”

But that’s part of the reason the world is the way it is now. Some of us lack empathy, not recognizing that our same kind of different can be subject to subjugation at any given time. For real though… How does it look Black folk persecuting OTHER Black folk ‘cuz they don’t look like the Black folk were used to? Where ‘dey do that at? Apparently, all over.

But this is the same lack of empathy that demoralized Black and Brown skin, enslaved a continent, and colonized most Brown people around the world. So it’s our choice to be like the oppressor, or be a different kind of different.

Oh! and while we’re on the subject of transphobia/homophobia… Several conscious folk have attempted to intentionally misinterpret this term by suggesting “I’m not AFRAID of gay or transgender people.” While we’re clear that the phoneme “-phobia” is defined as “fear,” the “fear” in these situations is better characterized as “anger toward,” “anxiety of,” “resentment about,” “misunderstanding concerning,” “lack of empathy for” and/or “opposition against,” in this case, people who love others of the same gender or trans persons.

So let’s kill the little fragile straw man so we can understand each other. Peace.

US Sanctions Against Venezuela Are Result of US Imperialism

By Steppin’ Razor

Venezuela under Hugo Chavez flourished because of its oil reserves, which are some of the largest in the world. But the price of oil has been manipulated worldwide, and by “worldwide,” I mean by Europeans, White Americans, and Arab countries to give themselves a leg up on the market (notice the price of gas has gone down in this country since Bush Jr.) and to destabilize Brown oil market nations.

This, of course, destabilized Venezuela, who the US was gunning for anyway because why would the US let some Brown socialist people flourish in what they desire to be a White supremacist capitalist world. With the euro propaganda put out against Chavez, who had enough national power and international connections to remain somewhat stable under international capitalist pressure, it was only a matter of time before Venezuela started to visibly crumble under euro political and economic opposition.

Of course, in the meantime, Chavez and Venezuela end up on the international list of “authoritarian” leaders; in this case, authoritarian means “Black and Brown.” South Africa and Ethiopia have publicly denounced the list and the participating countries.

And THEN Hugo Chavez died under “mysterious circumstances.”

When oil prices fell, rather, were “reduced” globally, Venezuela fell into a terrible recession, with people barely able to purchase basic needs and stores barely able to stock food and basic medications. Induced poverty and disenfranchisement, of course, causes what? Crime. It’s a classic American tale.

So, in an immature, last-ditched effort to salvage power and stability in the country, current leader Nicolás Maduro is taking alternate and extreme measures, which are hurting the country and his people. Those measures are dictatorial, ‘cuz I’ bet the farm that the election to change the country’s constitution to give Maduro more power (amid widespread criticism of his leadership), was rigged. Tuesday, August 1, the day after the election, state police have raided the homes of opposition leaders and detained them; there’s some speculation that at least one leader was found dead in his home.

Feeling like this is a criticism of a Brown socialist leader amid a widespread worldwide corruption? You’re right. But this criticism is in CONTEXT and a direct result of that North Atlantic (read: White supremacist) imperialism, capitalism and worldwide manipulation. Maduro is not a single agent. He’s one newly-sprouted leaf trying to get some sun… on a White supremacist tree that is doing its damnedest to spread across the Earth and block out the sun.

Returning to the present, the US has announced sanctions against Venezuela in the wake of the election to change the constitution. Cheeto Hilter is feigning outrage that some Brown guy would dare have authority over his own country. Meanwhile, American regimes have created the conditions for the chaos in Venezuela for years.

But I don’t believe this is much different than how the US engages it’s citizenry; the US just throws rocks, razes buildings, oppresses swaths of people and hides its hand. America pisses on our heads and tells us it’s raining, then rushes to retaliate when other leaders unzip their pants.

The Privilege of Fair Treatment

By Milele

So we are clear (It is long *shrug*)

Colorless Privilege (you can quote me)  simply means colorless people are treated fairly, humanely, justly, given opportunities to have success with the LEAST amount of resistance or MOST amount of support and have a governmental structure they can turn to when they feel they are not being given basic human rights (in a nutshell).

In a humane society, EVERYONE would be treated in this manner, however, in colorless dominated societies (by number, resources, systems or force), that isn’t the case.  So being treated like a human becomes a “privilege” that most people do not experience on a constant basis.

People in a society of colorless people are considered second class citizens by birth; who are to be seen but not heard; provide service and not complain; accept the scraps and be grateful; allow the political majority to treat them anyway they want to without retaliation or protest; and assimilate in the system in a way that is comfortable to the majority- to be “acceptable.”

People born in this society of colorless people are also expected to be satisfied with making less money for the same positions; receiving poorer treatment while paying the same amount of money; being levied higher interest rates and lower credit scores for the same things; being given poorer medical treatment for overpriced services; being forced to attend crappy schools and live in collective squalor. ONLY a few ACCEPTABLE people are allowed (yes, allowed) to