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St. Louis Mayoral Primary Shows the Failures of Candidates and Voters

By S. Christopher Emerson

By now, almost all of Black St. Louis is seething over Lyda Krewson edging out Tishaura Jones to become the Democratic mayoral nominee, even though not quite 50,000 registered voters, or 28% of the city’s electorate, actually voted. Even though the voter turnout is higher than normal, it still shows a lack of citizen and leadership engagement AND sense of accountability.

The fact that draws the lion share of Black folks’ ire is that within the Democratic primary, whose winner typically carries the election to become mayor, there were seven (that’s right, SEVEN) candidates vying for the nomination. Of those candidates, five were Black. To even the greenest political observer, that poses a particular danger of missing a prime opportunity to build Black political power through the election of a Black mayor.

All seven candidates stuck in the race. None of the five Black candidates, even when faced with that opportunity, decided to step down and throw their support

Nothing is “Presidential” about Trump, and that Says A Lot

By S. Christopher Emerson

I don’t know what we expected from Cheeto Hitler’s address to the joint session of Congress, but some folks incorrectly believe they saw another Trump. I guess we thought that he would break out his cellphone in the middle of the speech and yell and thrash on the chambers.

Well, we know that’s not beyond him…

But we also saw that the message departed from human reasonable treatment and that he hasn’t lost a racist, bigoted or narcissistic bone in his body. He just chose the address as a time to speak in complete sentences.

So imagine my WTH moment when prolific Black political commentator Van Jones called the author of the birther movement “presidential” in his post-address commentary.

I’m going on record as criticizing Van Jones for calling Mango Mussolini “presidential” for his tribute to the fallen Navy SEAL, who had no business where he was, and his wife last night. Talmbout that mess, that emotional hostagry, was “one of the most extraordinary moments” in US politics…

Now Jones later clarified to say

It’s Time Out for Being Nice to Racists- Those are THEIR Rules

By. S. Christopher Emerson

This week, journalist Charles Blow became the next social media sensation for clowning Kayleigh McEnany, the latest young conservative blonde Orange administration-supporting White girl with an opinion.

In the same breath, McEnany praised late-night CNN panel host Don Lemon for facilitating an open dialogue, she touched Blow’s arm in a show of falsified intimacy and suggested he and some of his colleagues had “sinister motives.” This was an obvious nod to President Toupee Fiasco’s claims that media challenging his lies is “fake news.”

“Don’t do that,” Blow told McEnany. “Don’t touch me and say that’s your ‘sinister motivations.’ That’s not going to happen tonight.”

McEnany coquettely told Blow that she didn’t realize that she couldn’t touch him and that maybe she should move her chair over.

“You can scoot until you fall off that ledge,” Blow replied. “What I’m telling you is don’t touch me and while you’re saying I’m

Are Dems TRYING to Give Away Power?

By S. Christopher Emerson

Really Elizabeth Warren? Really? You, at times, being one of the most factually accurate, salient voices in the Senate, just gon’ vote to confirm Ben Carson for HUD chief, huh?

And you’re not the only one. Democrats are confirming Cheeto Dust appointees left and right, or allowing them to slide.

Dems are also angry at Toupee Fiasco’s choice of Neil Gorsuch as SCOTUS nominee, feeling like the nomination was stolen by obstructionist Reps.

But did Dem leadership, ESPECIALLY Obama, do all that they could to push a suitable nominee who represented the burgeoning progressiveism in America? Hell naw. They folded like some b*tches. They should have done more to call out, buck, out-maneuver and plow through White backlash, Rep obstructionism and the erosion of civil liberties. Get off your ass, Dems.

Yo Democratic Party! If you don’t want to get trounced again in 2020 and all elections in between, you need to get to work NOW!

You know the conditions in the