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Body of Black CDC Scientist Uncovered

By Free Radical

Timothy Cunningham's body was discovered Tuesday in the Chattahoochee River.

Timothy Cunningham’s body was discovered Tuesday in the Chattahoochee River.

The body of Timothy Cunningham, an epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been recovered according to national sources. On Tuesday April 3, the remains of his decomposed body was located by fisherman in a section of the Chattahoochee River located near Atlanta. The graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard University left work on February 12 after complaining of not feeling well and had not been seen ever since.

There were speculations that his disappearance was tied to rumors that he expressed that flu shots were the cause of deadly outbreaks of influenza.

However, Atlanta Police Department Major Michael O’Connor indicated that detectives could find “no indication of foul play.” Fulton County Medical Examiner Jan Gorniak expressed that the cause of Cunningham’s death is likely drowning yet additional toxicology and other reports will be completed.

However, some questions still remain. Cunningham’s personal belongings including his wallet, keys, and passport were found inside his home. Though his body was near his his home, the area is inaccessible to pedestrians. There were also three crystals in Cunningham’s pocket at the time of his death. Officials say that he was an avid rock collector.

After his disappearance, a $10,000 reward was offered by his family.

Police Strike 61 Year-Old Woman in Hit and Run at Clark Protest

By Malcolm Speaks

Protests have disrupted Sacrament since the killing of Stephon Clark on March 18 by police.

Protests have disrupted Sacrament since the killing of Stephon Clark on March 18 by police.

A Sacramento County police officer struck a 61 year-old woman while driving a sheriff’s vehicle and drove off during a vigil for Stephon Clark this past Saturday night, according to media reports.

Wanda Cleveland was taken to a local hospital in south Sacramento by ambulance and released after midnight with bruises on her arm and the back of her head, the Sacramento Bee reported.

She told the newspaper, “He never even stopped. It was a hit and run. If I did that I’d be charged.”

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department confirmed the incident, however he blamed it on protesters for surrounding police vehicles and threatening the officers. “Vandals in the crowd” caused “scratches, dents, and a shattered rear window,” the sheriff’s department statement said.

Demonstrators were gathered at an intersection near the neighborhood where Clark grew up, according to ABC 10. They were participating in a protest to draw attention to police killings of African Americans.

On March 18 Sacramento police killed Stephon Clark when they discharged their firearms at the unarmed father of two a total of twenty times at his grandmother’s house. The police shot him a total of eight times, the majority entering his body in his back. However, the Sacramento Police Department reported that Mr. Clark “advanced toward the officers.”

A full video of the protest including the hit and run was posted on Facebook. Less than 48 minutes into the video one police SUV leaves the scene after protestors clear the way, then a second SUV accelerates and strikes Wanda Cleveland. The vehicle’s driver does not stop or return to the scene.

Police Muted Body Cameras After Killing Stephon Clark

By Malcolm Speaks

Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark

Sacramento Police officers were instructed to mute their body cameras approximately seven minutes after they killed a young unarmed black man in his grandmother’s backyard last week.

Twenty-two year-old Stephon Clark was standing in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18 when two police officers shouted “gun, gun, gun” before they killed him, shooting at him 20 times. The police officers said they thought he was holding a gun, however, investigators only found a cellphone near Stephon’s body, according to CNN.

The Sacramento Police Department also released two body camera videos, the 911 call, helicopter footage and radio traffic from the killing last Wednesday. In both videos, an officer can be heard saying “Hey, mute” and immediately afterwards the video goes silent while the police officers talk amongst themselves.

On Monday, civil rights groups demanded that federal and state prosecutors investigate the officers involved in the shooting. Also Benjamin Crump, attorney for Clark’s family, said he is seeking an independent autopsy, according to the Daily Beast.

Protests over this killing have also taken place in Sacramento. Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics players wore black T-shirts bearing Clark’s name at their game Sunday in Sacramento. The shirts read “Accountability. We Are One” on the front and “#Stephon Clark” on the back. The NBA players wore the shirts during pregame warm-ups as well as during the playing of the US national anthem, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Ohio Killer Cop Gets Near $350K Settlement

By Free Radical

Samuel Dubose was killed by police officer Raymond Tensing in 2015 during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop near the University of Cincinnati.

Samuel Dubose was killed by police officer Raymond Tensing in 2015 during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop near the University of Cincinnati.

Former University of Cincinnati police officer, Raymond Tensing, who fatally killed Sam Dubose in 2015, has been awarded nearly $350,000 by the college. The settlement is the result of a grievance filed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council which charged that Tensing was unlawfully removed from his police post. The organization alleged that Tensing, who was not convicted, was not given due process including a disciplinary hearing and paid leave. Tensing was awarded $244,230 in back pay and $100,000 in legal fees according to

In July 2015, Tensing stopped, shot and killed Sam Dubose near the University of Cincinnati campus. Dubose was unarmed. Tensing and fellow officers on the force were found to have given false information about the incident that contradicted video footage. Nonetheless, two jury trials of Tensing ended in mistrials, the last one occurring in July 2017.

As could be expected, the case sparked outrage among members of DuBose’s family. DeShonda Reid, who parented four children with him called Tensing an “officially paid assassin who has not shown one ounce of remorse for killing an innocent man.”

In an emailed statement to the campus community, UC president Neville Pinto expressed, “I realize this agreement will be difficult for our community. I am nevertheless hopeful that we can focus on supporting each other as members of the same Bearcat family — even, perhaps especially, if we don’t agree.”

DuBose’s Family was awarded a settlement of $4.85 million, an on campus memorial, and a say in how the school’s police department will be revamped. His children also are allowed free tuition to the college.

The news of the Tensing settlement comes as the nation boils over last week’s fatal police shooting of Stephon Clark, an unarmed Black man in Sacramento, who was killed in his backyard.