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Muhiydin d’Baha, Charleston BLM Organizer Killed in New Orleans

Muhiydin d’Baha, a prominent BLM organizer in Charleston was killed in New Orleans on Tuesday.

Muhiydin d’Baha, a prominent BLM organizer in Charleston was killed in New Orleans on Tuesday.

By Free Radical

On early Tuesday morning, Muhiydin d’Baha, a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer in the city of Charleston, SC was murdered in New Orleans. Police reports state that he was shot in the leg while riding his bicycle down Bienville St. He later bled to death after being taken to a local hospital. According to a friend, d’Baha had traveled to New Orleans to learn organizing strategies he could use in Charleston.

d’Baha, who was born Muhiydin Moye, saw his star rise after the murder of Walter Scott by a North Charleston police officer in April 2015. He quickly became a major organizer in the Charleston area by protesting police violence and other racialized inequities. D’Baha also gained fame last year when he attempted to wrestle away a Confederate flag from the South Carolina Secessionist Party who picketed a speech by Bree Newsome. Newsome is best known for climbing a flag pole on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse to remove a Confederate flag in 2015 following the racist massacre of nine parishioners in Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E. Church. In his own incident of snatching the Confederate flag, d’Baha said he wanted White nationalists to “understand what it is to meet real resistance, to meet people that aren’t scared.”

Tragically, d’Baha joins a number of Black Lives Matter organizers who were killed recently. Ohio activist Marshawn McCarrel killed himself in 2016. In St. Louis, DeAndre Joshua, Darren Seals, and Edward Crawford were found murdered. The killings of all three men remain unsolved.

Yet their work lives on in the people they have impacted. On Facebook, Thomas Dixon, d’Baha’s comrade, and co-founder of The Coalition: People United to Take Back Our Community, wrote: “Moya Moye, I am eternally grateful to you and for you . . . for your spirit that refused to accept injustice, your courage that showed the world that fear in the face of wrong was not an option, and your strength that kept you on the battlefield, even when no one else was there. I will forever miss you, my brother. I, for one, know just how much you enriched my life. Soldiers together . . . forever.”

Trump Rescinds Haitian Visas

By Free Radicalimages

Earlier this month President Donald Trump was on the receiving end of a hostile backlash in response to him referring to several African and Latin American nations as shi——- countries. While his remarks are undoubtedly reprehensible, his policies towards individuals from these countries have been described as even more sinister.

Several Haitian immigrants have had their H-2A and H-2B visas revoked as a result of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy change. The visas grant workers from other countries to come to the United States to perform seasonal labor. In mid January, Haiti was removed from the list of countries eligible for these visas.

The DHS cited “high levels of fraud and abuse” for the decision which curiously came one week after Trump made his shi——- comment.

The DHS reported that 40% of Haitians who used the program stayed after their requisite time expired. Yet critics of the decision say that the number of Haitians who take advantage of the program is so small, removing Haiti does not make the United States demonstrably safer. Only 54 Haitians were given H-2A visas from March to November 2017 while the number of Haitians who took advantage of the H-2B program in 2016 was too small to report.

While the number of visa recipients is minuscule, many observers say that the program has an immense impact. Since beginning in 2012 under the Obama administration, they have provided an economic outlet for few Haitians who were devastated by a 2010 earthquake that struck the country.

Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight’s Killer Convicted of Manslaughter

By Malcolm Speaks

Joe McKnight, who began, his NFL career with the New York Jets, was shot dead by a motorist in 2016. His killer was convicted on Friday.

Joe McKnight, who began, his NFL career with the New York Jets, was shot dead by a motorist in 2016. His killer was convicted on Friday.

A White Louisiana man was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting and killing Black former NFL player Joe McKnight this past Friday.

Authorities reported that Ronald Gasser, 56, shot McKnight during a 2016 road-rage incident in a New Orleans suburb. Gasser was indicted on a second-degree murder charge, however the jury returned the lesser verdict of manslaughter Friday night after deliberating for approximately eight hours, according to WGNO. The jury consisted of one Black woman, one Hispanic woman, six White women and four White men, according to

Gasser was charged with second-degree murder with the possibility of a life sentence if he was convicted of this crime, however the jury decided to convict him of the lesser offense. Therefore, he now faces anywhere from 0 to 40 years in prison.

Assistant District Attorney Seth Shute told jurors the physical evidence proved that Gasser lied during police questioning when he claimed that McKnight lunged at him. He cited the lack of gun powder on McKnight’s body as evidence that McKnight wasn’t close to Gasser. “Joe McKnight was not lunging,” he added, citing autopsy results. “There would be a hole in his deltoid muscle if he was.”

The incident took place on a bridge that crosses the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Terrytown. McKnight reportedly cut off Gasser, who responded by chasing him. They stopped at the Terrytown intersection, where witnesses said the two men were “in a heated verbal exchange” from their vehicles until McKnight exited his vehicle and walked over to the passenger’s window of Gasser’s car. At this point Gasser shot him three times, in the right shoulder, the right chest and the hand. Gasser also turned over a .40-caliber pistol to police and admitted shooting McKnight, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand.  However, authorities did not indict Gasser until a number of weeks after he shot and killed the former NFL star.

Sentencing is scheduled to take place on March 15.

Policeman Instructs Recruit to Shoot Black Teens for Marijuana

Disgraced former Kentucky police officer Todd Shaw.

Disgraced former Kentucky police officer Todd Shaw.

By Malcolm Speaks
A former Kentucky assistant police chief told a Louisville Metro Police recruit that, if he catches juveniles smoking marijuana, he should “shoot them” if they are Black, according to documents released this past Friday.

Todd Shaw, who resigned from the Prospect, Kentucky department late last year, sent several “highly disturbing racist and threatening Facebook messages” to the recruit. This comes from Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell who wrote a letter to Prospect Mayor John Evans on August 31. O’Connell told Evans that prosecutors found the Facebook messages while screening a case for possible criminal prosecution against Shaw, according to WDRB.

In one of the Facebook messages, the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) recruit asked Shaw what to do in a scenario where he catches three juveniles smoking marijuana.

The question was part of a paper the recruit was writing about “the right thing to do,” according to O’Connell’s letter.
“F— the right thing,” Shaw responded in the Facebook message. “If black shoot them.”

And as for what to tell the parents of the juveniles, Shaw said: “… call their (pa)rents … if mom is hot then f— her … if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—,” according to O’Connell’s letter.
Shaw continued, “Unless daddy is black. … Then shoot him.”

Shaw retired from the LMPD as a sergeant in 2009 and was investigated for providing illegal assistance to Kenneth Betts, one of two officers charged with committing sexual abuse of teens while he was a part of the Louisville department’s Explorer mentoring program.
In yet another Facebook message, Shaw told the recruit that housing projects needed to be leveled.

“For years I have seen the blacks live off uss (sic) and putting them in one big housing area breeds HUGE peoblems (sic)” Shaw wrote. “We don’t see a Muslim problem around here we just see lazy ass people that don’t want to work and that entices more Mexicans to cross the border and take the American jobs … .”

Lastly, in a message about Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Shaw said King was “nothing but a raciast (sic) womanizer … but because someone shot him, I get a day off with pay each year so I will take it.”

Shaw fought to keep the messages private after media outlets requested them under Kentucky’s open records law. However, a Kentucky Circuit Court Judge ruled this past week that the records must be released.